Andrea Hess3 videos on how Highly Conscious Entrepreneurs can attract people to serve, through their divine gifts – Notes.

Video 1:

  • How highly conscious entrepreneurs get stuck when they come to the emotional+doing phase – we have to keep going through this cycle, for each money break through.
  • We move up in spirals, and have to go through a deep (and possibly traumatic/difficult) transmutation, as we encounter our fears, difficult feelings, etc.


Video 2:

  • 3 most important aspects of business model are Lead Generation, Sales and Delivery.
  • We tend to get stuck in the Delivery aspect as we suffer from invisibility syndrome, or fear of defining our own value.
  • We continue to gain expertise by delivering our services, rather than more studying, etc.


Video 3:


Lead Generation – we are putting our work boldly out into the world. Attracts people we are meant to serve; and repels people who are not our ideal clients. Highly polarizing!

  • If we stay on the middle path, we are serving no one – we will not generate leads
  • Shrinking away comes from a need for safety
  • Effective Lead generation feels dangerous!

Levels of engagement

  • High – in person…
  • Medium – speaking, live webinar
  • Pre-recorded webinars, videos – temporally removed
  • Video
  • Social media
  • Low – e-mail/newsletter

They are all effective! All are scalable

Highly conscious netrepreneurs tend to go to Low engagement, as they don’t want to feel others’ energy – more disengaged model

Where we belong has to do with where we are at soul level – some are meant to be in 1-1 intimate situations; some souls are great at e-mail/newsletter – karmic – soul level communications gift. Some need space from their prospects (linear/space). Has nothing to do with personal preference

Most important aspects for lead generations:

  1. Delivery Systems
    • Governs what we are doing
    • Affects what we are doing in 3rd dimensional state – governs what we attract
  2. Content
    • Secondary!
    • When you do 1-1, you can be vague on content
    • The less engaged you are, the more the content matters
    • How you’re made, and what leverage you have
    • Content leads people into deeper relationship with you –
      • Lead generation = leadership. Relationship with you
      • Strategy behind where you’re going
      • Strategy to next steps – conversation, webinar, video series
      • Handing a business card is not lead generation!


Get delivery system to be congruent with soul level – and derive content strategy from there!

Lead generation is a continuous process – is a progression – always vibrationally congruent to perception of own expertise and value


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