How to Give Yourself Permission to Thrive & Prosper as a Transformational Coach, Speaker, Healer or Leader w/Business and Success Coach, Yvonne Bynoe (Host)

–       What are my intentions?

–       What are my hindrances in attracting the clients that you want?

–       Women – uncomfortable to deal with large numbers!!

–       Business & success coach – intertwined

–       All women are brilliant – and yet, are still struggling

What’s standing in my way?

–       I don’t have a unique, defined service offering

–       Would anyone pay for my services?

–       Should I charge, or free?

–       How would I attract clients?

–       I am not a master of anything?

My offering is valuable

–       By putting a price on it – it is the right thing to do

–       By undercharging/discounting/chasing people – disservice


Transformational Coach, Speaker, Leader, Healer

Look at my business as extension of myself

Inspiration, guide for others – where am I not aligned??

Am I aligned??

High-end coaching – people pay for results! Not per hour. Starts at $1000/day. Not a big deal – I’m a professional – that’s entry level point. VIP day – 1-day intensives. Some coaches charge $5K – $50K for 6-9 months.

Why people pay for coaches:

–       Expertise

–       Personalized assistance – that give/take has a VALUE

Ideal Client:

–       Must be willing to work with you RIGHT NOW – nothing else!

Fear is a good thing – helps keep us safe

–       However, this also happens when we’re stepping outside of our comfort zone

–       Courageous woman – does it even if there is fear – ask for the sale, make the speech, call the prospect & follow up


Courageous women – 5 step plan

–       Decide what you want

–       Acknowledge your fears

–       Create a plan

–       Get support for your dreams

–       Take courageous actions


  1. 1.     Decide what you want

–       Life priorities

  • Can keep changing

–       What would a perfect day look like?

What desires am I ignoring?

–       Freedom to write, travel, expressing myself, connecting with loved ones, writing on important subjects!

What do I want that I think is wrong/selfish/unreasonable?

If I knew I couldn’t fail, what would I decide to experience in my business?

–       Travel, become a well-known author, make millions per year; seeding new business ideas


  1. 2.     Fear:

–       Acknowledge fear.

–       How does it show up –

  • marketing, connecting for partners – trying to hide
  • Not hiring coaches

Do I have an enrollment strategy? People get scared about talking about the money. However, I am there as a doctor, diagnosing – if I can help, then we can talk about my programs

If my fear is greater than desire to serve; then attention is on me. Fear shows up as resistance, procrastination, etc.

3 things that I’m scared to change in my business:

–       Define a value proposition

–       Start connecting with people, adding value today

–       Write articles about things I care about!

What is a pleasant outcome??

Write down baby steps to do them.

  1. 3.     Create a plan


  1. Who is my ideal client?
  2. What is the problem they are looking to solve?
  3. How will I help them?
  4. How much money do I want to earn per month?
  5. What in my training/experience will help them?


  1. 4.     Get support for your dreams
  • Find supporters with similar-minded people – similar perspective
  • Find a mentor
  • Find a coach – someone who I am accountable to
  • Find an expert – guide you.
    • Our clients mirror us


  1. 5.     Take courageous actions

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