Did you know that your company has a soul, just as you do? This spirit is born (‘incorporated’) through the combined intentions and love of its co-creators, and is brought into the world with great fanfare and hope. This beautiful spirit is born, to experience growth and progress; to help create a vehicle for people to continue their own growth, and it experiences love and connection through people, other companies, and customers that ‘she’ serves.

She goes through the same life cycle that humans do – being born, to having terrible twos, to becoming a pimply, awkward teenager, all the way through adulthood and old age.

Whether you look at the business as a soul, as an energy field, or even as a collective consciousness of your employees and shareholders, amongst others that are intertwined with your business, it is alive, and has all the vital signs of life! She holds all of the joy and suffering of all of the humanity, and just like us, has her needs, whether it be faith, appreciation, love and attention. She goes through rough spots, learns her lessons, experiences joy – and just like any of us, she longs for freedom – to be, to grow, to create. All people in your company long for the same – and all of this collective energy builds, marinates and thrives in an environment that is compassionate, forgiving, and fostered through strength, determination, and harnessing natural powers that we have innate in all of us.

Her soul has chakras, which follows the same principles as Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs – she longs for her basic needs to be met, connection and healthy relationships, growth, love, and having her own voice, own vision, and a strong platform for self-actualization. She also creates a platform for all sentient beings connected to her, to experience the same.

She is an agglomeration of all of your staff’s energies, intentions and belief systems; and what each person thinks and focuses on, gets collected in a large pool of intentions, whether they are in line with each other, or are at loggerheads. Your company also has a conscious and sub-conscious part of her mind; connected to yours and your staff.

An analogy is, when we are born, we share a nervous system with our caretakers. As children, if our parents were sad, or angry, we felt it. We couldn’t look after ourselves, so our parents formed that part of our consciousness to help us be fed, bathed and protected. Even today, we are connected to our family on a cellular and energetic level, and what you feel and experience, their cells vibrate at similar frequencies.

As a company, we are all connected at an energetic level – and our thoughts, moods, intentions affect each other.

Have you ever walked into a room with an angry employee, or picked up the phone with an upset customer – you can feel their energy, and it affects you. Your presence, your reaction, your conscious awareness, your ability to empathize with yourself and them – can help transmute and transform the relationship.

This is your job – to transmute your relatioinship with yourself, and your company – to unblock everything that’s holding you back, that’s blocking the energy of growth.

You, as the owner, or a business leader, have been tasked with understanding your company, defining a vision, and tapping into the collective consciousness to make her grow and prosper. This is done for the benefit of everyone involved, and the more focused and growth-oritented intentions that are pouring in, the more she will grow and prosper.

There will be times when you will have to shift your strategy, if the market, industry, or even your company, is aging. There will be a mourning, as she loses some signs of vitality, like blurry eyes, feeling exhausted and fatigued, or simply content, and not needing anything more in this life. At this time, you can begin to close down operations, or perhaps, spawn a new company, or perhaps merge with a younger one. She had served her purpose, she lived her life – and you were there during her precious years. You can see these signs in your company – if your employees are bored, disengaged, or simply confused. There is exhaustion, and people are drifting off, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. At this time, you can put your company on life-support, but as a wise custodian, caretaker, lover – you can see that it’s time to let her go, and have compassion for all your staff at the same time. They need to rest, after all the years of work, just as you do; for a while.

Your company’s transformation is heavily linked to your own – have you shifted your perspective, removed your own limiting belief systems? Have you tapped into your own creative energy, do you feel a sense of freedom and inner peace, and are your intentions clear with what you want in your own life? Are you feeling balanced, harmonious? Are you taking care of yourself, your body; and are you nourishing yourself, your family and community? Do you get to speak your own truth, and feel open and free to allow others to do the same, without reacting automatically? Are you on auto-pilot, or are you building greater awareness of everything around you? Have you been able to slow down enough, to practice mindfulness in every activity you do – eating, walking, breathing?

Have you learned to accept yourself, forgive yourself and others who have hurt you in the past? Are you ready to grow, spiritually, emotionally, physically?

All of these are important aspects of personal mastery, which I will continue to explore, through this blog.

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