Soul Song

I invite you to explore the deep recesses of your body,
To find the song that yearns to be sung.

Perhaps you may have searched far and wide,
Through books, wisdom of sages, your guides and teachers,
your loved ones, your expressions, your journeys with truth.

And yet, there is something still uncovered, still unheard,
that void in your gut, which still rumbles and cries for attention.
It is urging for your body to release your song,
which has not yet been listened to by the universe, awaiting its birth.
To observe it, laugh with it, play with it, bathe in it,
to invite it to join the universal chorus, where each entity provides its unique note,
contributing to God’s intention of its own mastery, invoking beauty, inspiration and joyful resonance.

As a tuning fork, our being sends out vibrations,
Passing through our voice, thoughts, actions, our vibrational state.
Our mission in life is to keep refining it, finding greater resonance,
To dispel our cognitive dis-son-nance, to be one with our song.

A song which reverberates deeply within, through each cell in our body,
Uniting our mind, body and spirit; filling us with love for ourselves and all beings.
To find our truth through stilling our mind, listening through our body,
Allowing our soul’s strings to be strummed by other souls through their words,
emotions, their wisdom acquired through suffering and joy.

We each have a song which has not been heard before,
To sing it, to be the song, is to do God’s work, for it requires courage, determination,
And honoring the beautiful, unique, wise self.

A song may be to write love notes to one’s beloved, to bathe and feed one’s children,
to leave bread crumbs for ants, to play with spirits,
to stand up for injustice through one’s art,
to write, to laugh joyfully, to act in a play, to dance, to care for sick ones,
or perhaps to research ways to bring progress to humanity.

No song is too small or less important,
for without one song, the world would be, and continues to remain, incomplete.
Perhaps our soul’s purpose is to clear dissonance and bring greater coherence to the universe?

When shared with intense clarity and coherence, bathed in naked and vulnerable truth,
The song causes hearts to stir, sending subtle vibrations around the world, of oneness and joy.

When sung in earnest, the channels, resistance and self-doubt in the body are cleared,
power gushes through, from the feet to the head, the head to the feet.
The impossible becomes possible, and love is shared far and wide,
Creating the conditions for others to live their truth,
to vibrate in the purity of your frequency, and their own.

This, my friend, would be paradise – to have the world singing a coherent song,
Strumming each others’ hearts, blessings being poured from the gods,
and angels, Mother Earth, and children smiling and playing.

– Sarika Jain

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