This weekend, we went to celebrate the wedding reception for Anne Marie and Birju, our beloved Service Space siblings. We were in the terrains of beautiful Arizona. I shared this poem about them:

She, committed to Love and Beauty.

He, committed to Truth.

The lost themselves in the service of others,

Seeing the beloved in the eyes of everyone they met.
So pure was their intention for love and truth,

That the universe conspired to play the ultimate cosmic trick:

Two lovers, meeting, finding the mirror in each other… unbeknownst to them, of the amount of heavenly love in store for them.

The grace created through the merging of such pure hearts,

Creating a ripple through all, through their presence.

Indeed, we are grateful to the forces that brought these two souls together,

To reignite and inspire each of us with the true message of Love:

Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram.
Truth, Consciousness, Beauty.

~ Sarika

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