Abundant Goddess Summit

Follow Your ‘Hell Yeah!’ and Empower Your Life.”  with Mercedes Maidana!

Mercedes is a Motivational Speaker, Business and Abundance Life Coach and Patagonia Surf Ambassador. She is a three-time consecutive finalist at the XXL Billabong Big Wave Awards, nominated as one of the top three female big wave surfers in the world (2009/2010/2011).

Through her work as a coach, Mercedes guides women to go for their dreams and take action steps to live life to their highest potential. Mercedes is based in Hawaii, and travels the world surfing while inspiring others to follow their dreams through her motivational talks and writing. She is currently working on her first book, a guide to manifest our dream life.

More info at: www.mercedesmaidana.com

–          Abundance – ability to receive – feminine goddess – relaxing, allowing, enabling universe to do the magic. We get in the way. We go, but relax – giving/receiving- yin/yang – doing that dance/balance. Taking action, allowing space and openness for universe to occur

–          “hell yeah” – finding joy, in process of manifesting

–          Follow the passion – but during the path, we will get our lessons – shows pieces of us, expands our boundaries

–          Self-love, accept and forgive myself for my mistakes

–          How does she help manifest through coaching?

  • 1-1 coaching – helping people through immersion
  • Certain tools to manifest
  • Outer/inner action – forgiving, getting out of one’s own mind
  • What do we truly want? Then it’s not hard to get there
  • Love, accept & forgive our current belief system
  • Do our part, and then the other 50% – let universe bring it to you
  • Do / be
  • When something is about to be birthed, we face some struggle – requires a different energy
  • There’s no such thing as a red ribbon to tie everything up – until we pass on

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