Abundant Goddess Summit

Marin Bach-Antonson  – Rewire for Radiant Wealth: How to breakthrough your money struggle and instantly up-level your wealth-potential as a soul-led entrepreneur www.riseupgoddess.com – notes 

  1. Create a vision
  2. Unlock the prosperity code
  3. Dissolve your block
  4. Open prosperity valve
  5. Persistent, committed

6 human needs – certainty, uncertainty, love/connection, significance (basic), growth, contribution (soul)

Money gap – money gives one of these things for me (for me – growth)

Way to close the gap – hold the energy of money in the hand – and release it

Open the valve

Ignite a wealth flow – open a valve

Get excited about the $1M that I’m going to make! What would I do? Energy of attraction

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