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  • More than anything material – inner/spiritual abundance, peace, joy
  • We already have everything that is needed – Zero point – Greg Braden. If we need confidence – then we can just call it, and BE it
  • Unique signature container – vibrational pull – we’re hearing the call of similarly vibrating hearts! “All hearts on deck”
  • We are here for an assignment – I have something big to do!
  • Human self does not know the language of creation, Divine – it’s greatest fear is distinction. As we move closer to living our Divinity, our human self will rebel.

Liz’s manifesto:

  • We are all here on a mission
  • Big assignments requires a lot wealth!!
  • As spiritual beings – we have the data package to fulfill our assignments! We have our energetic umbilical cord – universal substance is fed to us through this cord – through our higher self. It has everything it needs!! It requires to be formed.
  • We have everything we require to succeed in our mission! = Energetic shift.
    • All of creation begins with a thought – so we can think – every child in the universe is clothed, fed.
    • Trinity of manifestation is feeling, thought and words
      • Intensity of feeling – determines how quickly something comes to us. Things are manifesting very quickly!
      • The only thing that’s missing in manifestation is belief
      • When this pure energy comes in, we qualify it our own thoughts/feelings/words – we contaminate the pure light (love)
      • Mother earth purges our collective consciousness – purging is the natural process of life – in-breath and out-breath – begins with each of us
        • E.g. even being a full-time mom could be the ‘assignment’
    • Universal law
      • Wealth – 13th century word  – comes from ‘wheel’ – well-being!
      • Boundless comes from “infinity”
      • E.g. nature – boundless wealth
    • Part of her work is the ‘I Am’ – working with Masters – shamanism, mother earth, etc.
      • E.g. St. Germain – love is the great cohesive power of the universe – vibratory action which coalesces the universal light essence in the picture you  desire!
      • Love in your feeling is what makes it real before it manifests – it’s our love/enjoyment/passion that forms it out of universal substance – it’s a law, and it’s immutable
      • Therefore, in the anticipation of fulfilment of our call (command) – is the opportunity wherein lies the work. It’s the pouring of our love into our decree (is the law) – we are kings and queens.
      • For some people, this may be difficult to believe that we can generate the cohesiveness of universal love –bridging love with Love is our work!
      • The love we have is our aura, and creates attractive pull – and helps create what we want to desire.
    • We have the code of universal law. How do we access it?? LOVE
    • Everything that we say, is LAW – conscious language – we can generate the power of universal love
    • Mastery of Thought, Word, Love! Make Love the #1 reason; and we command!
    • Be gentle with our conscious language approach as well – open up to awareness
    • Speak only that I want to manifest
      • Huge in business! Important in collaboration – you can see where someone is in their consciousness
      • Feelings deactivate Love – we can reboot/revise words in 17 seconds (we requalify the energy). We can heal relationships, etc – just by shifting in consciousness!
      • When we say “I Remember Love, I remember thriving, I remember being safe and supported” – hold our heart – we reprogram – we can create out of universal Love
      • Event special –
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