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Kadena Tate – Why People Give You Their Money – notes

  • Wealth & abundance – is a state of consciousness
  • Jim Rohn – Average income is the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with
  • Let go of everything that isn’t serving me
  • Interrupt the pattern of failure – if I say something negative – please stop me! We have disempowering belief systems
    • E.g. “I don’t want x clients, etc”
  • When I notice habituated ways of thinking/acting – I need to make a change – be conscious of how we are showing up – being present
  • Commit to some goal – we keep getting better, as we keep giving – receiving, etc
  • She lost money/went into foreclosure – and found out that it was natural for people, before becoming millionaires
    • Fear of not deserving money – not setting up boundaries (i.e. giving loans) – unworthiness issues – there is guilt/shame feelings that come up
    • Friends will go away
    • Build oneself back up
    • Powerful lessons
  1. How to say NO
  2. How to communicate with clarity and confidence – releasing others’ opinions of me
  3. She has more spiritual work – where did ‘non-deserving’ come from?
  4. Wealth is not determined by bank account – when she had no money, she had friends treat her – relationships – rich & full! Connect at heart level
  • Pleasant personality will open doors
    • We apologize for everything, as women
  • Entrepreneurship – income is directly proportional to personal/professional development that we have done
    • If you’re an entrepreneur – your job-based partner may not understand – you need to learn how to communicate – your friends cannot go with you
    • Loneliness, financial despair, self-imposed bondage/belief systems
    • Need new environments / friends – friends will not journey with you (not understand why you’re doing what you’re doing)
  • Harmony – more important than balance
    • Woman – has to set up working time boundaries (women are always pleasing others, etc) – Communicate openly – calendar, milestones, etc. timeblock daily
  • Be clear on what you mean by 6 figures! In God’s consciousness, no difference between $1 and $1M
  • Recognize the value of your time
    • Mutually beneficial exchange
    • 3 Action Steps – what did I learn – write it down
      • Take 3 actions
  • Why do people give money?
    • We’re problem solvers
    • The more complex the problem – the greater the compensation! Know the value of our solution
    • Take ACTION
    • We are compensated by the value that we bring
    • Know what problem you are solving – and communicate it!
  • Authenticity:
    • Being me
    • Perfectionism – key destructive factor
    • When I decide that I am good enough
    • When I am my authentic self, my gifts come in many forms:
      • Fresh eyes, fresh perspective
      • Ask questions/offer suggestions – unearth ignored opportunities
      • Relationships that I have that can open doors
      • Accountability partner
      • Recognition – see things in people in people – compliments/critique
      • Ability to influence other people
      • Put everything I create on the internet! Done is better than perfect
        • From 40 slides on Pinterest – she picked up 1700 subscribers. If my work is helping someone else – we grow from it
  • Event special –
  • http://www.KadenaTate.com  – To download 4 FREE Strategies:
  • 1)      “50 Shades of Paid! Tools to help You Monetize your Value”,
  • 2)      “Authentic Prosperity Manifesto”,
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