As the world gets heated with different issues pulling us in different emotional ways, I invite you to perhaps look at things differently.
What if the world is our collective projection, and that the greatest, most loving and powerful gift we can offer is to face and heal our own shadows within? To be a center of stillness and grace? 
The triggers that are arising are potent for our healing. Whether it’s in your current relationship or a global issue that is deeply triggering (or somehow, you’re seeing all your emotions are getting intertwined), I invite you to simply be with the emotion, instead of lashing out or taking outer action. Because when we’re blinded by our emotions, it’s hard to act from a place of wisdom, tolerance and unconditional love, which only causes more suffering down the line for the collective, and karma.
For instance, if you’re feeling disdain, anger, indignation, fear, mistrust, take some time to really feel these feelings. Take a whole weekend to meditate, cry, scream, paint, dance. Don’t run away from them. These are likely old wounds (in Sanskrit, called ‘samskaras’) that are coming up that have been bottled up since our childhoods or past traumas. 
When, in your childhood or past, did you feel these feelings? Have compassion for that inner child. See her, listen to her, validate her, hold her with gentleness and kindness. Kiss her forehead, hold her tight, tell her the things she needed to hear.
Become an observer, and bring wisdom to your experience. What are you here to learn? What do you need to release? What new action can you take that will let you be less judgmental and more patient, tolerant, loving and wise in your actions?
When you give yourself the time to grieve or feel the numerous feelings, and offer yourself self-love, you will feel lighter and things will become more clarified. 
I really do believe that we don’t owe anything to anyone, except for doing our own healing work. The rest of the world will heal, once we begin to heal and find peace from within.
We tend to externalize our suffering. To blame others – our partners, parents, etc. But what if we owned our own woundedness and instead, took responsibility over our own thoughts, feelings and actions, while letting go of our attachment of how things ‘should’ be? Wouldn’t that feel even more empowering?
This process of letting go of control and finding radical acceptance of my life has been one of the hardest challenges for me, yet I know it’s a deep part of my shadow work.
Of course, share your truth with authenticity. But what I’ve personally found (and perhaps, like Gandhiji found in his activism work) is that finding one’s truth requires deep meditation and inquiry, and a willingness to look deeply at the cause of the suffering from all angles. It actually take a whole lot to live a life of integrity and truth, and be mindful of the suffering we’re causing others through our own unskilled ways or lack of understanding.
In my marriage, I’ve found that I am a much better person when I process my feelings and face my triggers first, before reacting to Krishan or telling him everything on my mind. I try to clean up my side of the road first, and stay loving and connected, even though I feel conflicted or frustrated within. Thankfully we have couples’ therapy that allows us to hold space and share our truths. We come out of it feeling even more connected – because of the trigger and the compassion that it evoked within us.
When you face your shadows, you’re going to see an expansion of your heart, feel even more love and see life filled with whole new possibilities. In fact, the world will mirror back this love to you, and you’ll start to see some true magic 🙂 You’ll begin to see the natural order in life, and synchronicities will begin to appear.
Your relationships will feel even juicier and lighter at the same time!
With lots of love,

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