I am feeling so grateful to life right now. While spending the day in Barbados my activities consisted of running, yoga, meditation, swimming in a stunning and secluded beach with sea turtles, connecting with my hubby and dear ones, sharing lunch with my neighbors, and coaching!

I was reflecting on the nature of the recent coaching sessions I’ve had with each of my amazing private clients, and how different they are! It’s why I’m convinced nothing beats 1:1 coaching.

People have been asking me what relationship coaching is – especially with emotional and spiritual healing elements. Here are some things I’ve been discussing recently.

Sample topics with my coaching clients this week – which all come back to love:

  • How to radically accept oneself (we’re discussing Dying to Be Me). I’m now going to do a 3-day radical acceptance challenge with a client
  • How to turn a fledgling relationship into a thriving, passionate one (and discussing Return to Love)
  • How to deal with an emotional crisis (and fear of death), and how to offer self-empathy and empathy to others
  • How to heal our relationship with our parents – and our childhood wounds
  • Whether/how to have a difficult convo with a future mother-in-law
  • How to navigate a difficult work incident involving sexual harassment, and how this is a part of one’s spiritual healing
  • How to heal a broken heart, and close the ‘ex files’

Phew!! It’s been a wild week!

I got tears in my eyes as I read a note from one of my clients last night,

“Reading your newsletter was so validating and inspiring, a reminder of how incredibly, incredibly far we have come, I have come, he has come in such a short time. I feel so lucky to be with him and be his beloved.

It feels great and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


With love,


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