ILove feel so blessed to be in the nexus of so much love, healing, creativity and wisdom. I have compiled a list of some of the love-related events coming up in February led by lovely people I know. There seems to be something for just about everyone, whether single, or coupled, and looking for more meaning and joy in their relationships.
Please feel free to share these with your tribe, or 10-15 of your closest friends, and hopefully we will see each other at some of these love-infused gatherings.

Tuesday, February 3rd: Art of Mindful Relationships


This is a mindfulness gathering for those who are interested in bringing more awareness and consciousness into their personal relationships. Whether you are single, or in a long term relationship; or are simply interested in bringing more joy and understanding in your other relationships, then we would love to invite you to join us as we explore the Art of Mindful Relationships in a co-created space.

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With Sarika Jain, Love & Relationship Coach & her beloved husband Krishan Patel


Monday, February 9th: Open to Receive Love 

Taking care of yourself and your personal needs and desires is just as important as all your business goals and tasks. Staring from the inside and loving yourself is the first step of accomplishing that goal.  In collaboration with Susan Chu of One Peace Sanctuary, Peek Photography has created a special Valentine’s Special where you will be treated to a Reiki Session and a Photography Session.  It is through the practice of Reiki that Susan will open your heart for love and it is through the photo shoot experience that you will truly learn to accept your true beauty and love yourself.

On February 9th we will be hosting a special Studio Day. To reserve your spot today please click here.

 With Alyssa Peek of Peek Photography, Makeup Artist Rebecca Casciano Susan Chu of One Peace Sanctuary



Thursday, February 12th, How To Find The Love Of Your Life

Learn how you can manifest and create the romantic relationship you yearn for.

Alexander also used a mathematical toolkit to give him the answers. This mathematical toolkit is found in the ordinary deck of playing cards. Unbeknownst to most people, the deck of cards represents a mathematical model of life.  It shows us the harmonics of our existence.

Once we align our life to the mathematical frequencies that underlie our lives, then we harmonize our lives to what is truly possible for us.

  • It’s how we chose the right partner.
  • In our relationship, it helps us understand each other’s shadow patterns, so that we can have compassion for each other.
  • It helps us understand each other’s love languages.

Don’t miss this opportunity to uncover the secret to happy relationships! Join us and learn how to ‘play your cards right’ and find the man/woman of your dreams.

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With Alexander Dunlop, Spiritual Life Coach & The Academi of Life



Saturday, February 14th: BeLoved: Manifesting Extraordinary Partnerships

In ancient Sufism, “Beloved” was a title used to call a deep and loving partnership. This powerful workshop sharpens your tools to reinvigorate the beloved spirit into your relationships, be it with a current or future significant other, friend, family member, business partner, God, or your relationship with yourself.  Using TAPIN’s three step manifestation map, combined with powerful yoga and meditation techniques, you will burn away the past and open the heart center to strengthen your foundation to manifest extraordinary partnerships in your life.

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With Anne Koller, Founder of TAPIN, and Tamara Ljeskovac, Kundalini Yoga teacher



Sunday, February 15th: The Secret to Happy Relationships 

Learn how to have happier and healthier relationships with yourself and others. Everyone wants love. We all seek it. We all want it in our lives and once we have it, we all need help managing it! Join Certified Intuitive Life Coach, Donnalynn Civello and learn a few simple steps to follow when looking for real love and even more importantly, a few steps you should follow once you have found the love of your life. After all, we only know who we are in relationship to another human being which is what makes our love relationships the most challenging! Are you ready to transform your relationships? The work never ends, but it definitely gets much more enjoyable.

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With Donnalynn Civello, Intuitive Life Coach



Wednesday, February 18th: 30 Lessons For Loving – an evening in conversation

Cornell University professor Karl Pillemer asked over 700 people averaging 43 years of marriage each, to tell him the secret to a happy marriage and they poured their hearts out. He shares what he learned in his new book, “30 Lessons for Loving: Advice from the Wisest Americans on Love, Relationships, and Marriage.”

If you are searching for a mate, in relationships where you are considering marriage, married and need some new tips, then join us for this fresh, wise, surprising and compelling conversation on “what makes for an amazing love life that stands the test of time.”

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With Karl A. Pillemer, Professor of Human Development at Cornell University & The Academi of Life




Thursday, February 19th: Soulmate Through Synchronicity: 5 Essential Steps to Finding the One

Do you feel lost and confused about what you’re doing wrong to meet attractive and like-minded men? Are you wondering how to combine today’s technologies with traditional dating advice?  Are you looking for a NEW way to date, such that it leads to long-lasting love?

With over 120M singles in the US, you are at the right time to find True Love. Don’t let Valentine’s Day get in the way of getting your gameplan in attracting a relationship that’s soulful, deeply connected and joyful!

During this fun and interactive seminar with Sarika Jain, a soulful dating & relationship expert, you will:

  • Learn ‘Feng Shui’ techniques to invite love in your life
  • Uncover secrets of dating online AND offline
  • Learn some essential authentic dating skills
  • Walk out with a dating action plan that’s authentic, easy and fun!

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With Sarika Jain, Love & Relationship Coach



Friday, February 20th: A Conversation On Love & Loss

Dr. Young-Eisendrath will share from her new book, The Present Heart: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Discovery, a provocative and daring memoir, in which she shows how our most intimate relationships, often the source of our greatest pain, can prove to be our path to enlightenment.

The book also offers a new perspective on how to maintain engaged, reciprocal relationships—with a partner, parent, child, or friend—under any and all circumstances. Polly will also share lessons learned about the nature of personal love as a spiritual practice of vulnerability and equanimity that requires being a whole self and accepting another as a whole self, as well.

Join us on this special evening as Polly takes us on an unsentimental meditation on the healing power of love in the face of early onset Alzheimer’s that attempts to answer the question “What is love, anyway?”

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With Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D. & The Academi Of Life



Saturday, February 21st: How To Find The Path To True Love 

In this workshop, we will draw on our personal experiences and some of Polly’s favorite poetry to respond to the question: What is love, anyway? Differentiating love from desire, romance, attachment bonds, and idealization, we have a clearer sense of whether we are truly loving our partners, children, parents and friends or whether we are in an unconscious identification or enmeshment that results in one of us feeling used, cheated or erased.

Through mindfulness exercises and “virtual dreaming,” we will explore our inner world of love, loss and discovery in reading and writing together.

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With Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D. & The Academi Of Life



Bonus – Feed your beloved(s) with some love!

31 Easy Dinners With No Meat To Make In 2015 – get the recipes here. (Thanks to my friend MaryGrace!)


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