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Emily Pereira: “The Beginner’s Secret: How to become a courageous, passionate, woman who isn’t afraid to speak her truth and follow her dreams.”

Emily Pereira is a Spirit Nature Certified Spiritual Advocate, who is assists women in gaining greater consciousness, and discovering their innate worth, purpose and unique creative genius in one-on-one sessions, workshops and group retreats. She is also a writer, artist and musician who’s discovered the creative life is a most adventurous existence that’s intrinsically tied to who we are as spiritual beings.

More info at: www.talesofordinarymagic.com

–          Abundance is a feeling of freedom from: fear, dis-ease (in body or mind), from comparing with others, financial constraints, be my authentic self and follow my dreams. I am enough – and I have the courage to be who I am and follow my dreams

–          Goddess – comfortable with who she is, and has value, with just being

  • o   Gives to herself first – and has energy to give others to others
  • o   Peace with her past – knows that trials and tribulations are part of the journey
  • o   Courage, make changes to herself
  • o   Understands power of sisterhood

–          Perfection – stunting creative flow – creates lack, no validation ever possible – like a performance

–          Creativity – spiritual energy innate in all human beings

–          We’re walking around with judgement and fear – judgement is like a cork in creative flow

–          Give yourself permission to be a beginner

–          Respect the process – start writing – explosion of creativity

–          Created space safe – authentic self emerged

–          We don’t feel whole from a baby age – and we look to men to feel whole

–          Beginner can never fail – become rejection-proof

–          Heal our relationship with our dads

–          When we heal, then we have a ripple effect around the world – giving others the permission to heal

–          My opinion about me is the most important

–          We have an illusion that the finished product brings us joy. Doing is what gives us joy – just creating. Expanding beyond comfort zone. Growing feels the best

–          Law of attraction – attract women who want to give

–          Nothing in natural world is perfect

–          Life becomes effortless when we align with our spiritual truth

–          Permission to be female

–          Value myself as a woman, and see how easy life is

–          Creator – is an empowered position – high vibration – must suspend judgement – true indicator of self-love

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