Abundant Goddess Summit

Chloë Rain
Create Abundance – The Artist’s Way : How the Universe Pays Co-Creators
– http://chloerain.com/

  • “Human experience artist”
  • Nature – personal experiences in nature – abundant laws of nature
  • Goddess – embody what we truly are in spirit – using that power
    • Acceptance, forgiveness
    • Shape shifter – multi-faceted
    • Changing mind is OK! Everything is here to teach me
    • She saw a fatal accident – and that shook her up! Reminded her of her own accident – life is fragile!
    • There’s medicine in the money – or in the story (going broke – means being broken open – she didn’t have a money problem, she had a love problem)
    • Spiritual laws of money – universe will help bring abundance when you’re in alignment – fully and completely expressed (our true essense)
    • The more we are living our true essence – the more aligned we are, and the more money will come in
    • How does the universe pay co-creators?
    • Confidence – safety, express what’s uniquely yours – what I was born here to birth
    • We get our best ideas during play, nature, rest, and going within
    • She creates spaces for inner artist to show up – retreats


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