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You’re in the right place if you’re ready to find the Love of Your Life

An amazing man who is loving, authentic, and supportive. He gets you, cherishes you and deeply loves ALL of you.
Someone on your level, who you feel secure around & that you can fully be yourself. The man you can’t wait to share your life with in a fulfilling relationship.

This is possible for you! Don’t lose hope. You are NOT destined to be single forever.

The man of your dreams IS out there…  Believe it!      

But I know you’re struggling right now and in doubt. You’re probably wondering if he even exists. It seems like the kind of man you really want isn’t out there, or isn’t interested in you.

You’re in the right place if you’re feeling…

  • Frustrated with attracting unavailable, unimpressive men
  • Sad about being lonely and not having the right person to share your life with
  • Tired of putting yourself out there with lousy results
  • Confused about what you’re doing wrong, and why you’re STILL single

Don’t give up. You are SO close!

He’s out there and there are things you can do NOW to become a magnet for love and attract him.

But these are things you’re NOT doing right now, and the approach you need is completely different than your whole approach to success in life. It will be very surprising, but the good news is there’s absolutely something you can do!

I know this approach works, because it worked for me.

I’m a strong, smart woman and four years ago, I married the love of my life, my husband Krishan. We have an extraordinary relationship with passion, intimacy, lots of fun & adventure. We adore each other and I know he will be devoted and cherish me forever. He even calls me his Queen! He is without a doubt, my soul’s true match.

I know this type of relationship is possible for you,
too, because I’ve been in your shoes and know exactly what it takes! I can save you from wasted time, energy and needless heartbreak by showing you what you need to do to magnetize your man and create your lifelong love story!


I want to invite you to get started with a Love Breakthrough Session with me.

This is your next step towards attracting your amazing man…

Your Love Breakthrough Session is a 1:1 call where we will:


  • Uncover the biggest challenges that are stopping you from finding the love of your life
  • Discover what you need to attract an amazing, adoring man (believe me, they DO exist!)
  • Get the clarity and courage to call in your soul’s true match, without settling for less
  • Learn what it REALLY takes to attract a high quality, relationship-ready man, while being fully authentic



Every single decision you make is a step towards the love of your life, or a step away. Don’t make yourself wait any longer. Don’t make him wait for you.

Apply right away. My calendar fills up quickly and I have limited availability. If you’re truly done with being single, get in touch with me now. I can’t wait to hear from you!


Love Breakthrough Session

$347 (valued at $997)
I look forward to serving you in your Love Breakthrough Session!

All my love and fiercely holding your vision,


I decided to try some of her suggestions and just 2 weeks later I met an amazing man!


…she’s done so much work as a woman and what it means to be a woman in this world and what it means to be in a nurturing relationship.

Sunaina Chugani, NYC

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Baruch College (CUNY)

After less than 2 months of working with Sarika, I met a man who looked very similar to the man I had on my vision board! After 3 years of endless dates with men I did not have any connection with, I finally met someone who made me feel butterflies again. 

7 months later, we are still going strong! Thanks Sarika! I truly believe closing my ex-files played a huge part in meeting my love., caring, responsible and loving.

  Tanvi, NYC

… she got to the heart of the matter which for me was that I needed to Close my Ex Files.


Nikol Peterman

When I finished one on one coaching program with Sarika, I felt light and radiant and built abundant self-love.

Her approaches help me detox my hidden baggage, nurture myself, balance my feminine and masculine energy.

Hi, my name is Jin. I’d like to share with you how Sarika’s love coaching helped me generate abundant self-love and find love.

When I finished one on one coaching program with Sarika, I felt light and radiant and built abundant self-love. After getting back to dating, I noticed I was dating people who are more desirable and compatible in general than before. One month later I met a great guy, positive, caring, responsible and loving. It happens quickly and naturally without drama. It is so rare but real. I have been enjoying happiness in a healthy and loving relationship. Both of us feel we are becoming a better person after being together.

Before I met Sarika, I thought I have done almost everything I can to be active, social, forgiving and baggage free. But on the other hand, I felt stuck and don’t see where and how to make a breakthrough in my personal life. External help is needed, I was telling myself! Sarika’s workshop shed light and I decided to be completely open and let her help me see and feel things I haven’t done before. Her approaches help me detox my hidden baggage, nurture myself, balance my feminine and masculine energy. It is important that you are as devoted as she is in the process! If you want to have a breakthrough in your love life, give yourself and her a chance!

Jin H., NYC

Senior Manager at Fortune 100 company, NYC


P.S.: What if I told you that the very habits that make you successful in your work are also the habits that repel high quality men? If you’re serious about finding love, there are some shifts you must make now. Apply to speak with me in a Love Breakthrough Session here.

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