Creating a relationship in which love can not just survive, but THRIVE, that’s what creating extraordinary relationships is all about.

Joy is something that is cultivated in a relationship through mindfulness, discovery, communication skills, and true intimacy. Modern-day relationships are about building a connection on every level – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

In this discovery session, you will experience opening the compassionate heart, renewing connection, and building trust, respect, and intimacy with your partner.

“Art of Thriving Relationships – Mastery” coaching is for you if:

• You are beginning a relationship, and would like to create a strong foundation and avoid some of the frustrations you may have experienced in the past.

• You want to turn a good relationship into a great relationship!

• You are in a difficult relationship and want to resolve longstanding conflicts.

• You are near break-up and want to decide if the relationship can be saved.

Through coaching with Sarika, you will learn to:

• Resolve longstanding conflicts with compassion and ease.

• Recreate the passion, attraction, and intimacy that first brought you together.

• Discover a path to emotional healing and spiritual evolution through your relationship.

• Experience a deep level of empathy and connection with your partner.

1-1 coaching with Sarika Jain is designed to create a safe and comfortable environment for both partners.

We introduce a practice of mindfulness and personal responsibility that frees struggling couples from the habits of the past and gives both partners options and hope for change. At the end, you will leave with insights into how you can create a deeply satisfying and long-lasting relationship with your partner, as well as having learned skills that can help you to achieve that.

Give yourself the treat of tasting the sweetness of reconnecting with your partner, in a way that you dreamt about and wished for, but did not think possible.

60-Minute Love & Relationship Strategy Session (either for individual or couple)

(First-time clients only)

Do you feel like something is blocking you from having the kind of life you want?

No matter what you do are you feeling stuck in the same self defeating patterns?

Do you find yourself anxious and worried for no reason that you can identify?

Do you find yourself having the same fights over again with your partner?

The Love & Relationship Assessment is an opportunity for you to gain clarity on your blocks and clear strategies for how to clear them.

In the session, we will:

=> Create a crystal clear vision for the kind of relationship that you’d like to create

=> Uncover hidden challenges and spiritual blocks that may be sabotaging your success with your relationship

=> You’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to create a great relationship once and for all!

$197 (valued at $497)