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+ How to Increase Your Magnetism and Sexiness

+ Bonus: Exclusive South Asian Resources in Love, Dating and Mental Health

About me

Hey there,

I’m Sarika Jain, a Love & Relationship Advisor for smart, successful men and women.

For many years, I have helped women break through painful relationship patterns, heal their hearts and learn relationship skills to attract healthy, joyful, and loving relationships.

Yes, I did it for myself and for my clients, and I believe you can learn a thing or two from this book that carries practical steps towards building a healthy and loving relationship with the right partner.

Previously, I had created The Sacred Soulmate System: 5 Essential Steps to Finding ‘the One’, Happiness after Heartbreak and Foundations in Lasting Love: Course for New Couples among numerous other programs and products to serve both women and men.

Do you want to break the barriers to attracting the right partner into your life for a long-lasting loving relationship? Or begin to enjoy the dating process without all the drama?

Get the book, How to Date and Find Your Mate… Without the Masala. You won’t regret it! See you on the other side 🙂

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