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Dear busy, yet radiant woman, 

Would it feel great if things with you and your partner were harmonious, juicy and intimate? He always shows up for you and takes care of you and your family’s needs without you needing to ask him. You feel safe, loved and cherished. You’re sexually and physically fulfilled and you have a deep emotional and spiritual connection with each other. You’re blissful and happy, able to accomplish everything you want to and you and your family are thriving. You’re evolving and growing together and feel energized, like you can take on the world! There’s a deeper mission that’s driving you two and  you’re in it together. Raising kids is fun and collaborative, an adventure-filled journey – not a chore or burden.

Doesn’t this sound simply delicious and ideal?

Yet if you’re like most women, things are DEFINITELY not easy-peasy in the love department – in fact, quite the opposite.

Let’s be honest. 

The pandemic has been very hard and stressful where you’ve seen yourself stretched to the limits.

You are probably struggling in your life and marriage. You’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, guilty – and even a bit resentful toward your partner. You may even be brimming with RAGE.

Maybe you’re thinking…


… Why is he sometimes edgy, moody or distant, and you are walking on eggshells around him? Why does he shut down or withdraw?


… Why can’t he just read your mind when you need help, why can’t he multi-task, and why do you find yourself taking care of everything? Why do you have to nag him?


… Why can’t he figure out what turns you on and how to pleasure you, and when? Why do you feel such low libido or sexual desire around him?


… Why can’t he see just how amazing you are, and how hard you work taking care of his, and everyone’s, needs?

You know you’re not your best self right now, and recognize your controlling and criticizing ways are pushing him (and others) away. Even he seems to be living life, day by day, just doing his work, barely showing any inspiration or emotion.


You’re so exhausted that you feel like you’re one step away from crumbling and your health is starting to take a hit. 

Life feels nothing like the Instagram pictures of women dressed to the nines, vacationing away with their man and kids in tropical locales, elegantly sipping away at their pineapple-crusted pina colada while running a business on their laptop, with headlines screaming, “This Boss Babe know how to have fun!”. Instead of feeling happy for them, you feel envious.

Dear one, are you experiencing any of the above? If so, you’re not alone.

I’m going to share some comforting (yet potentially disturbing) news with you:

Marriages are not designed to work.

To expect two people with different personalities (and egos!), childhood experiences, genders and very little relationship preparation or knowledge to somehow unite as a team and navigate the world’s greatest challenges together is INFEASIBLE.

Especially while going through crisis!

Healthy relationship skills and navigating marriage successfully are NOT taught in schools, nor sadly, modeled by our own family and society.

Great, happy marriages are POSSIBLE, but instead of just somehow magically happening… they are CREATED.


Yes, you CAN have a happy, fulfilling relationship that’s filled with care and support, and even juicy intimacy. Where your partner and you are on the same team, have shared responsibilities, feel turned on by each other and are even having fun while navigating conflicts or exploring new adventures!

Where your man treats you as his Queen, and you feel safe, loved and cherished.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

As a woman, you have a special, sacred power in you to lead the way to connection and intimacy in your relationship.


You are gifted with certain abilities that men don’t have, including your intuitive wisdom, femininity, sexuality, relationship abilities and being the Emotional Leader of your relationships.

Also here’s a little-known fact: men want to pleasure and serve you, they just need to be shown how. You can learn how to enroll your man and get him to help out more, without the nagging!


Your self-defeating patterns are likely sabotaging your relationship(s), and instead of feeling empowered, you feel helpless.

 Your man is probably running on empty too, and he is craving to be guided on the path to connection, love and being in service to your relationship.


If you’re fed up with settling for less than the best while watching your relationship self-destruct…

Then you are ready to have a breakthrough in your love life and take your relationship with your man to the next level.

This is your opportunity to…

Transform the guilt, overwhelm and resentment in your marriage.

Reclaim his love, devotion and support.

♥ Restore balance, connection and fun in your life.

Feel sexy, powerful and magnetic! 

That’s why I created the Re-ignite! Your Love, Intimacy and Partnership with Your Beloved program to help you do just that.

Whether you feel like you’re barely hanging off the edge of a cliff or that you just need a couple of pointers to make your partnership better, this program is for you.

This program is designed for the busy mom who has very little time, yet wants a little (or a lot of) oomph in her life and marriage.

In this loving container of support, I’ll be your guide as you: 

  • Make a clear and powerful decision to re-commit to Self-Love and create the conditions for a conscious, joyful life – while re-igniting the flame of desire with your partner

  • Become a Communication Expert and Emotional Leader, bringing you closer with your partner emotionally and physically, and getting him to want to help and support you in being your best, goddessy self

  • Discover the Art of Loving Yourself and get rid of your self-doubt and self-judgement – YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!

  • Release your self-defeating patterns and begin creating a healthy, balanced life of support, nourishment and upliftment through mindfulness

  • Understand your man’s psychology – and how to be wiser while navigating the ups and downs in your relationship (You will actually be able to translate his thoughts by the end of this! No more guessing games!)

You will be surrounded by an empowering community of women who believe in you and share your mindset around mindfulness and love.


Does that sound like just what you need right now? 

Doors are now open to Re-Ignite! Your Love, Intimacy and Partnership With Your Beloved. 

Here’s what you’ll get when you join…

Mindfulness and Relationship Gatherings (valued at $1,497)


Over the two months, you’ll attend six 60-minute live gatherings with other women over Zoom where we will practice mindfulness and talk about self-love and relationships. You’ll have a chance to share about your relationship issues such as:

+ Navigating conflict

+ Enrolling your family and friends to support you

+ Increasing intimacy and understanding with your partner

+ Sharing your desires and getting your needs met

+ Self-care and balance, setting healthy boundaries

This is a safe, confidential container where you can say anything without being judged, condemned or receive unwarranted advice.

All of these calls will be recorded and if you can’t make the live session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions in advance.

The calls will be held on Tuesdays at 5pm PST (8pm EST)

We will also include meditation, and throughout our time together, I will be sharing various mindfulness practices to ground you, support you in healing and having a deeper sense of love, peace and happiness within. 


Recommended Readings, Meditations and Resources (valued at $497)


Prior to each session, I’ll be sharing brief and essential reading materials and optional resources like meditations and recordings. All these will support you in raising your consciousness around love and navigating your relationship. My intention is to keep the curriculum light and easy given that you are a busy woman.

Sarika’s coaching was immensely valuable in my marriage, from developing a positive mindset, to learning to reconnect with my fun, feminine sexy side with my husband. Her approach was helpful in keeping me out of self-defeating habits and learn how to communicate effectively with him. He now looks at me with such appreciation and devotion. I am starting to feel such ease and flow in my relationship, and I feel empowered in my role as a wife & mom! Thanks to Sarika’s coaching!

I tried getting to couples’ counseling with my husband, but to no avail – we could never find the time. I began asking my girlfriends for help in navigating my marital issues, and they started giving me some pretty mediocre advice, which just made me more resentful to my partner. I then decided to turn to Sarika for coaching – and can I say, her techniques worked wonders in my relationship! I love that she focuses on creating a healing environment between me and my husband, rather than shifting to blame or power struggles.

Sarika provides an invaluable perspective in love. Not only is she highly experienced, she’s personally been through the ups and downs in her own relationship and knows what works. This, coupled with her empathy and strong communication skills, make her a fantastic coach. 

I would recommend her skills for anyone who is seriously looking to improve their relationship skills. I couldn’t be happier with my results. Had I listened to my girlfriends, my marriage would have fallen apart a long time ago!

Nina K, Bay Area

Senior manager at a Fortune 100 technology firm

Join Re-Ignite! Your Love, Intimacy and Partnership with Your Beloved today.

Registration ends February 28th, 2022. (Note, if you’re desiring private coaching, see below for the VIP option).

ChaiMommas Special Price: $197 (Regular $247)

But why listen to me?

Throughout my twenties, even though I was attractive and confident from the outside, deep inside, I was desperate to meet Mr. Right. Being of Indian descent and the eldest of three sisters, I felt the deep pressure of finding my mate. I searched far and wide for him and went through ups and downs, including going through a broken engagement.

I thought, “When I meet my husband, everything in my life will finally work out!”

I began coaching women in 2008 (outside of my corporate job on Wall Street) in finding their life partners. Many of my clients have met and married their soulmates!

 It was at the “ripe” age of thirty four that I finally met and married the man of my dreams, Krishan. We fell in love in a conscious, joyful way that I hadn’t experienced with previous men, and we grew together in the dating process. I realized that I could be my fun, free, irresistible self around him! By the time he proposed, I simply knew with all my heart that this man was truly my life partner. We got married in the sacred town of Bodh Gaya under the Bodhi tree where the Buddha attained enlightenment, surrounded by our loved ones. Couldn’t be more perfect!

Our honeymoon period was romantic and adventure-filled, with long trips to Greece, Italy and Bali, and nestling into our first home together.

I felt incredibly sexy, turned on and excited about life, and so did he.


Yet, the first cracks started to show up in our marriage when we started our own businesses and were also hit by a family-related financial crisis. This was followed by debilitating health issues and constant stress in the house. The final straw occurred for me when I gave birth to our first child and struggled with post-partum anxiety and depression, followed by the added responsibilities of another child. The pandemic added a new layer of separation, frustration and anxiety.


Each time these challenges occurred, all our mindfulness practices went out the door. We struggled to keep ourselves sane while navigating these challenges. I began to feel the weight of motherhood, and all my feelings of guilt, overwhelm and contempt came up. On his end, Krishan felt lonely and disconnected, and irritation that I didn’t trust or need him enough.


I found myself constantly complaining and criticizing, and Krishan began to feel defensive and withdraw (known as the Four Horsemen of the Relationship Apocalypse, according to The Gottman Institute – symptoms of fallout and possible divorce in a marriage).


We were growing distant and apart.


“How could two well-meaning people, soulmates even, have it so hard? Am I the only one…?” I would think self-piteously. Yet, when I looked around, I could see many of my friends and clients struggling with the same issues in their marriages.


Thankfully, right when we were about to reach rock-bottom, I had an epiphany:


Conflict is growth waiting to happen.


And, as a woman and the Emotional Leader of our relationship, I am capable of helping our relationship heal and evolve, and become intimate and juicy again.


I got some help. I decided to take charge of my self-defeating patterns in the relationship, like my controlling nature, lack of trust, weak boundaries, strong sense of independence, and inability to communicate my needs and feelings – many stemming from a combination of my Type A personality and subconscious wounds of unworthiness.


I also shifted who I was being and my attitude, along with my expectations. I became more connected to my powerful feminine side – the wise, present, sexy and playful version of me.


I realized that I needed to stoke the fire of desire within myself and fill my own cup, and through my relationship skills and vision for our relationship, guide us to healthier, happier shores. As his woman, I needed to understand his psyche better, and help fulfill some of his core needs so that his cup could be full and overflowing. I could empower him be his best self and more connected to his masculinity. 


Lo and behold, in divine timing, our relationship began to turn around! We saw small miracles occur, like learning new things about each other, becoming more patient and open-minded and finding more forgiveness. We began to understand each other better, including our triggers and vulnerabilities.

We became more playful and flirty with each other, and began a journey to rediscover what healthy sex, love and partnership in our relationship feels like.

I noticed that the more I invested in my well-being and marriage, everything in my life became better. I started getting more help from family (we even bought a beautiful home next door to my in-laws, who help in babysitting and cooking all the time!), attracted more abundance and opportunities for my work, created a supportive community, and I felt healthier and happier. As a HUGE side benefit, our kids have become so much more cheerful and cooperative and are learning how to handle relationship challenges simply by observing us.

Love is an upward spiral, and the universe conspires for loving relationships to thrive.

Now I can say that I feel safe, loved and cherished in our eight year marriage, and am so grateful for Krishan in my life. I am deeply blessed to be in a marriage that feels passionate and rock-solid, and that we have successfully made it through bumpy times.

We’re able to navigate conflict and even turn to creative solutions that honor both of our values. It feels like we have the best of Indian and Western cultures, and we’re transcending old, painful dynamics from our lineage.


I share all this because I know it’s possible for you.

I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping other women attract and create healthy, lasting relationships, without having to make the same mistakes I did.

I desire the same for you, dear sister.

So, dear sister, are you ready to fly high, create some magic and unleash your wildest dreams of experiencing unconditional, expansive love?

Join Re-Ignite! Your Love, Intimacy and Partnership With Your Beloved now.

Registration closes February 28th, 2022.

Here’s what you’ll get:

+ 6 mindfulness and self-love gatherings with other women

(All calls to be held on Tuesdays at 5pm PST / 8pm EST – calls will be recorded in case you can’t make it)

+ Selected Love & Relationship materials 

+ Bonus: Transformational and heart-opening meditations and mindfulness practices



Exclusive tuition for ChaiMommas


$197 (Regular $247, valued at $1,997) 


(VIP option for private coaching with Sarika is available. See below for details).


And don’t forget…

You have a special opportunity to work one on one with me if you choose…

with the exclusive “Rescue & Re-ignite the Love in My Marriage” VIP package.

If you are ready to commit to your relationship and take a quantum leap to a level in your love life you never thought possible, then the VIP option is for you. You will receive personalized support and care.

I will be with you every step of the way as you clear your self-doubt, transform your relationship habits and align with your most loving, abundant, confident self in your marriage.

You will become a master of communication and feminine power with your man – and he will begin to find you irresistible!

Here are some outcomes you will celebrate:

  • You are navigating life with unshakable confidence, and you are feeling magnetic, sexy and powerful around your man

  • You’re supported in taking healthy action in your marriage.You’re clear on what you want and deserve in your partnership!

  • You begin to fall in love with yourself and you’re free of all those pesky thoughts of self-doubt and judgement

  • You feel an irresistible sense of happiness and excitement about what life has in store for you

  • You learn to take charge of your emotions, communicate powerfully & compassionately and are able to develop a vulnerable, intimate relationship with your man that keeps him wanting more!

This is a unique package which includes 6 private one hour coaching / healing sessions with Sarika.


+ Lifetime membership to Re-Ignite! program

+ E-mail access to Sarika to answer questions in the moment

ChaiMommas Special: $3,000 (Regular price: $3,500, valued at $6,997). 

Be sure to sign up today as spots are limited.

Have questions before deciding to join the Re-Ignite! program or the VIP package? I’d love to connect with you to explore whether this is the right next step for you.

About Sarika Jain

Sarika Jain is a leading South Asian Love & Relationship Coach.  Her unique approach encompasses everything from uncovering relationship patterns and closing one’s ‘Ex Files’ to practicing self-love and mindfulness in relationships, all with the goal of inspiring women to live the lives they’ve dreamed about – experiencing profound love, success and fulfillment.


Sarika’s background includes working in the corporate world and on Wall Street for over fifteen years before deciding to pursue her dream full time of creating a movement around healthy love and empowerment for women over ten years ago. She is a student of energy healing, psychology, feminine leadership and relationships and has studied Life Centered Therapy with licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Andy Hahn. She’s been called a “Relationship Sorceress” by her clients.


Sarika has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science & Engineering from University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from The Wharton School, and has worked at Bain & Co., Merrill Lynch and the World Bank.

Sarika lives with her husband, Krishan, and two daughters in New Jersey,  and leads a playful, passionate life. 

Copyright @2022 Sarika Jain. All Rights Reserved.