1:1 Coaching with Sarika


Dear friend,

Do you find yourself wondering “If I’m so smart, sexy and successful, why am I still single?” or “Is finding a partner even worth it?”

Are you frustrated and confused about what you’re doing wrong in your relationships?

Are you tired of putting yourself ‘out there’ on the dating scene, even though it’s terrifying and uncomfortable?

Or maybe you are ‘taking a break’, because you are still heartbroken from a past relationship…

Logically, you know you have every reason to be happy and fulfilled, even without a romantic relationship. Only we can make ourselves happy, right?

And yet, there’s deep anxiety inside of you, which is hard to describe.

Even your other relationships seem to be a struggle – with your family, friends or at work. You feel slightly disconnected from others, and even from yourself. You seem to be turning people off from you. You’re even wondering which relationships around you are toxic or healthy!

You know that your soul won’t rest, until you get to experience being a fully-expressed woman – as a partner, colleague, mother, daughter, friend.

You’ve taken the right steps all your life – getting yourself educated, reading self-help books, doing yoga… you have done everything to be a ‘whole’ and loving person! You were always the one trying to ‘fix’ your relationships, make them work, and give from your heart openly and generously.

You have even invested in intensive ‘inner work’ with a therapist and other guides and mentors.

And yet, right now, you’re somehow ‘stuck’ in fully experiencing the possibilities of loving relationships. You’re the one always getting hurt, just by being you.

You’re starting to give up hope about what life has to truly offer you.

You’re at your wit’s end.

I was in your shoes, just a few years ago. I was engaged to someone, and he broke up with me. I went into a deep spiral of devastation and confusion. 

A voice emerged from my heart, that said “I need spiritual healing”. I realized that I wasn’t feeling whole, or complete. I wanted answers to why I kept attracting heartbreak, over and over. The very next day, I met a healer who changed my life – and began to follow a more holistic path to love and releasing myself from my self-defeating patterns.

I healed my heart and mind, underwent personal transformation…

I managed to attract true love in every aspect of my life.

I began dating in an empowered, joyful way, and learned about healthy dating and relationship skills. I stepped into my feminine power in my life, career and relationships.

I met my husband just a few months after my break up!

I have since supported thousands of women in their love lives, finding their life partner and creating a life of purpose and passion.

My coaching programs are meant for women just like you – looking to fully live, and express, true love.