When was the last time you had a whole day to yourself with a Dating & Love expert?

Let me guess. You’re busy. You work hard. Your calendar is packed. You barely have time to take a vacation let alone embark on some six-month spiritual journey.


Sound familiar? If so, this is for you.


Let’s Make a Date!


And unlike the many bad dates, or first dates that you’ve had before, I promise you that you will walk away happy, confident and ready to call in your soulmate!

Sometimes you’ve waited long enough. I get that. That’s why I developed this private VIP intensive specifically for women like you who are big on desire and short on time!

You’re on the verge of something big and it’s going to be a lifelong and soul fulfilling journey that will start with this day together.

This is a ‘date’ that focuses entirely on YOU….uncovering your dreams….shifting the energy blocks that you’ve built up in your head and heart over time…and designing your customized strategy to attract your life partner.


A private intensive is designed for smart, successful women who desire results quickly and don’t want to wait for them to happen.


I organise my intensives to maximise the time we spend together, focusing on the areas of your life that require the most attention.

 In this private intensive, you and I will spend a whole day focused on preparing your mind, body, heart and soul for your beloved.

You will leave with a customized plan of action for attracting true love.


You deserve to have it ALL.

I know that this is scary – taking that first step, acknowledging that you want more in your life than the material success, the busy social life and the supportive girlfriends.  It’s ok to want more, and it’s fair to want it all!


So let’s spend the day together and map out a plan.  Finding love is the trip of your life, so don’t move forward unprepared!


After working with my own mentor years ago, my life was transformed. I shifted from doubt and lack to an abundance of love and fulfillment, and finally found the love of my life. It happened because the work wasn’t general. It was a deep dive into my soul, my blocks, my desires.  I know how valuable a customized plan is and I’m here to help you with yours.


Our day long intensive session will focus on you – and just you. When was the last time you had that luxury?


In just ONE day together, you will find the clarity, the passion, the strategy and the confidence you need to take charge of every deep desire you’ve been holding onto.


This one day combines my research and experience as a strategist, energy healer, intuitive coach, spiritual guide, relationship mentor and dating coach and together we will focus on each of those categories so that you are operating on the highest frequency in ALL of them.


It’s time to open your heart and be transformed into the goddess that you are – ready and able to begin the journey to loving yourself and your soulmate!



Imagine walking away from your VIP Day with:


  • Clarity on your life’s vision and the right kind of partner for you
  • Acknowledgement and understanding of what you’ve been doing wrong in the past – you can’t do better until you know better!
  • A positive mindset and attitude, with a rewiring of your beliefs – you possess the skills and beauty to do this!
  • A hot and sizzling dating profile that captures your essence – stand out compared to other women online!
  • Dating skills – learn how to communicate with men to make them go wild for you
  • A dating game plan for the next 90 days so that you stay on track for success.



What’s included in your exclusive intensive?


We will meet over 5 hours online, with a lunch break in between.

+ Before we meet, you’ll receive a detailed welcome packet for you to explore and complete. This will help me to get to know you, as well as understand some of your goals and experiences before we get together.

+ The session will include intention-setting and life visioning, along with getting clear on what your relationship strengths and weaknesses.

+ We will clear limiting blocks that no longer serve that are no longer serving you in your love life.

+ You will receive an upgrade in your dating, relationship and communication skills, and learn how to step into your feminine power in dating and relationships. You will step into energetic and spiritual alignment with the Higher Love that you deserve.

+ We will create an action plan and dating strategy which will define exactly what your goals and success marks will be as you begin navigating dating.

+ One coaching session after 90 days to capstone your progress, reinforce your mindset and fine-tune your dating experience.



+ Access to the Sacred Soulmate System: 5 Steps to Finding ‘the One’ (valued at $9,997)

+ Meditations, mantras, readings and cheat sheets to upgrade your mindset and clear inner blocks to love

+ ‘What’s He Thinking??’ 3 hours of recorded interviews with masculine, grounded men on love and dating




    After doing Sarika’s program, I met the man of my dreams and we got engaged in 2 months!

    In this field, Sarika’s the best at what she does!

    Ellie Shepley, NYC

    CEO, Wellness Warriors

    I decided to try some of her suggestions that I learned in her workshop and just a few weeks later I met an amazing man! I decided to do private coaching with Sarika when we started seriously dating as I could see how I was potentially sabotaging the relationship. Working with Sarika has released my blocks and opened me to being in a fulfilling relationship with the man of my dreams.

    I am excited to report that we are now happily married 🙂

    Sunaina Chugani, NYC

    Assistant Professor of Marketing, Baruch College (CUNY)

    When I finished one on one coaching program with Sarika, I felt light and radiant and built abundant self-love.

    Her approaches help me detox my hidden baggage, nurture myself, balance my feminine and masculine energy. 

    Hi, my name is Jin. I’d like to share with you how Sarika’s love coaching helped me generate abundant self-love and find love.

    When I finished one on one coaching program with Sarika, I felt light and radiant and built abundant self-love. After getting back to dating, I noticed I was dating people who are more desirable and compatible in general than before. One month later I met a great guy, positive, caring, responsible and loving. It happens quickly and naturally without drama. It is so rare but real. I have been enjoying happiness in a healthy and loving relationship. Both of us feel we are becoming a better person after being together.

    Before I met Sarika, I thought I have done almost everything I can to be active, social, forgiving and baggage free. But on the other hand, I felt stuck and don’t see where and how to make a breakthrough in my personal life. External help is needed, I was telling myself! Sarika’s coaching shed light and I decided to be completely open and let her help me see and feel things I haven’t done before. Her approaches help me detox my hidden baggage, nurture myself, balance my feminine and masculine energy. It is important that you are as devoted as she is in the process! If you want to have a breakthrough in your love life, give yourself and her a chance!

    Jin H., NYC

    Senior Manager at Fortune 100 company, NYC