Do you dream of realizing your full potential for happiness, meeting your life partner, and maybe even start a family someday?



Get on track for meeting your life partner – the right way.

Take a stand for Extraordinary Love and truly experiencing fulfillment on every level. No more settling for Mr. Good Enough and wasting your time with relationships that don’t go anywhere.

As a smart, professional woman who has been through the tough New York dating scene, and finally meeting an extraordinary man (my husband), I know what it takes to break through painful dating patterns and attract a lasting partnership – in the shortest time possible.


No more struggle. No more heartache. No more anxiety. No more wandering through the dating jungle alone, wondering whether you’re going to sleep in an empty bed forever, or if you’re even on the right track to meeting your life partner.

Smart, modern women face unique challenges in love. I should know.

I met my life partner, just 90 days after a broken engagement.

Ever since I was a child, I was obsessed with love. I used to read adult books and magazines, and even played relationship coach with my parents.

Even though I followed a smart, successful career of engineering, getting my MBA and working at a top strategy consulting firm in New York City, on the side, I always earnestly sought romance.

In between long, monogamous relationships, I went on hundreds of dates. I read every book on dating and relationships and followed The Rules to a ‘T’. I even learned how to master online dating!

Lo and behold, I met a man who checked every box on my list. We were engaged within a year.

At that time, I even started coaching other professional women in dating (several of whom even met their life partners!).

I was on Cloud Nine and was proud of myself.

Until… the rug was pulled from under my feet.

Within a month of our engagement, my fiancé broke up with me.

When I begged him to stay, and asked, “Why?!” he told me, “Sarika, you are way too controlling. You have deep-set psychological issues, and I don’t trust you.” Wow, apparently I had this whole love thing backwards! My ego took a major blow, and I spiraled down into despair and devastation.

The very next day, I met an intuitive coach, who told me that I was energetically and emotionally blocked, and was a magnet for heartbreak. Reflecting on all my relationships – each man had broken up with me!

I decided to take a plunge into the unknown and invest in myself, and made a commitment to my happiness. I went through a profound detox and personal transformation, forgave my ex, and began clearing my subconscious blocks. I learned to truly love myself and let go of sabotaging habits.

During this process… I started falling in love with my life, and felt a strange sensation of freedom and happiness. I began dating again, with a brand new, pleasure-filled perspective. Within 90 days, I met my husband, synchronistically, in my meditation group.

The best part was – this time I knew I wasn’t settling for Mr. Good Enough. I married a man with whom I feel fulfilled on every level – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – and it felt right.

We got married on Thanksgiving Day, in my dad’s hometown in India. It was the most magical day of our lives. We even spent a month in Bali for our honeymoon!

My husband is my #1 supporter and champion – someone who believes in me more than I sometimes believe in myself. He’s strong, masculine yet loving. He’s always there for me, and not once have I questioned whether the relationship is right… what a relief! With our partnership, I have freedom and flexibility to follow my life’s passion, and lead a balanced life of fun, fitness and family – while planning for a future and traveling the world with him – my partner-in-crime and best friend.

I know the same is possible for you.

The women whom I work with are women leaders who are here to experience true, unconditional love. You know your soul won’t rest until you get to experience being a fully-expressed woman – as a romantic partner, colleague, mother, daughter, friend.

Nearly 50% of my clients have found their partners already – and 86% are experiencing profound levels of happiness that they had never before.

Results my clients experienced:

  • Clarity around the root cause of painful relationship patterns, and deep support in clearing them

  • Utmost confidence and relief that they are taking the right steps to in self-love and finding their life partner

  • Feeling 100% lighter from emotional baggage within the first 2 months

  • Significant improvements across all home/work relationships (a side benefit!)

What’s it like to finally break free of your shackles, and feel SELF-CONFIDENT, SEXY AND UNDENIABLY WORTHY OF LOVE?

Here’s what my clients say:

It is because of Sarika’s dedication and ability to foster a space of love and community that I was able to experience  the growth and expansion as I have experienced over the last year. I am forever grateful to her for her service.

Sarika is a shining light am I am grateful to be in her orbit. Because of her commitment to inner growth and healing, she has been a beautiful and reliable host of the meditation gatherings that have been nothing but nourishing, uplifting, and perspective-shifting.

It is because of Sarika’s dedication and ability to foster a space of love and community that I was able to experience  the growth and expansion as I have experienced over the last year. I am forever grateful to her for her service.
She also has such a welcoming, gentle, and disarming personality that you cannot but help feel comfortable with her. She is a source of warmth and compassion to those who are lucky to know her.
Sarika is heart-centered, compassionate, and has deep presence. When talking to her, you feel as if you are the only thing on her mind and are her number one priority. These quality are essential to being a good coach, mentor, and teacher. Sarika has also made courageous decisions to follow her authentic calling in her own personal life journey and has encountered crushing but heart-opening challenges as well. This makes her able to support others in making dreams a reality as she draws on her wisdom through her experiences.
Sarika would make an excellent life coach, teacher, or mentor. I have faith that people who are looking to make positive life changes, face challenges, or heal from past pain can greatly benefit from her loving presence, attention, and wisdom. I have already recommended that people work with Sarika!
Sunaina Chugani

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Baruch College (CUNY)

I am now married to my dream man, and even have a baby! Thanks to Sarika’s coaching!

Sarika’s coaching was immensely valuable in all stages of the dating process, from developing a positive mindset, to being a sexy, fun date. Her approach was helpful in keeping me out of bad dating habits, and learn how to date effectively online. Having been through the ups and downs herself of the entire spectrum of the dating process, she provides an invaluable perspective. This, coupled with her empathy and strong communication skills, make her a fantastic coach. I would recommend her skills for anyone who is seriously looking for the right one! I am now married with an amazing man (and now have a baby!) and couldn’t be happier with my life. Thank you for helping make my dreams come true, Sarika!

Smita J.

Assistant Vice President, Large Insurance Carrier

When I started coaching with Sarika, I knew I wanted to find someone who wants to get married. Now I can safely say I’ve met this man – and it’s scary (in a good way) :)

As a divorced, yet successful woman, I was getting frustrated in my dating life. I was drawn to Sarika due to her strong skills in helping close the ‘Ex Files’ – and I’m glad I did! Not only did I feel happier and lighter on the inside, I learn new skills on how to date online (with an amazing profile)… and I met even better quality men than before. Now, I’m dating a man who is crazy about me… and it feels right on every level. I’m so grateful to Sarika’s teachings & support!

Nikol P., NYC

Sarika has made a huge impact on my life because of the love that comes through when I am  in her presence.

Sarika has made a huge impact on my life because of the love that comes through when I am  in her presence. I am very excited and grateful on the day that I will attend a meditation at her place. She is very intelligent, a good listener, has lots of compassion and empathy for others. She  is authentic and speaks from her heart, is calm and has a lot of composure.  I would recommend her because she will help anyone achieve their goals and solve any problem with her wit, compassion and her willingness to bring out the best in others.

Yveline Josie McIntosh

CEO, Sunjosie Travel, Inc

What makes me different from other relationship ‘gurus’, coaches and therapists...

I’m on this journey, just like you. To me, aligning with my most loving self, and thriving in my relationships as a woman, lover, partner, mother, business owner, daughter… is my #1 priority. And I’m committed to supporting you in doing the same.

I don’t have a certificate in love, nor was my path to finding my partner easy. But I do know what it’s like to battle loneliness, confusion and low self-esteem on a continuous basis.

I tried almost every dating and love strategy under the sun.

What I found was that none of it mattered, until I shifted whom I was being.

Let’s face it, I was controlling, doubtful and insecure in my love life. As a strong, independent woman, it was hard for me to be vulnerable. My heart was guarded. I would swing between being a doormat and a bitch because I didn’t know how to express myself.

Moreover, I was resisting healthy love that wanted to flow to me, because I was so wrapped up in dating drama.

This has been the most profound realization, and has opened the doorway to so many miracles in my life – including finding my partner.

This is my commitment to you. To support you in your way of being - and reconnect you with the magnetic woman inside who knows she’s undeniably worthy of lasting, fulfilling love.

I believe each of us is on our own unique journeys, and our painful relationship patterns can actually be a blessing – a pathway into deeper understanding to our true self. Each of has our own purpose and brings special gifts into a relationship. No relationship story is ever the same.

There is no one-size-fits-all secret formula on ‘attract and keep a man’.

Plus, I know that as a modern, successful woman, you want more than just a marriage – you want to build a healthy mental, physical, spiritual and emotional foundation for your future family. You want to unleash your most wise, loving, compassionate side, so you can thrive in your relationships!

If you want to fulfill your destiny for an openhearted, vulnerable, passionate life… then intimate relationships are the golden pathway.

I’m committed to helping you break through your relationship patterns, revel in your unique gifts, really feel your worthiness and unshakable confidence – and take the shortest path to attracting a fulfilling partnership that lasts.

I’m going to be honest – REAL love is not for the fainthearted.

Love has brought me to my knees so many times, and made me face some really dark sides of myself. But I still got back in the ringer to fight, and give dating another chance. In my heart, I knew love was worth it.

With my support, you don’t have to fall down as hard or as many times as I have in the pursuit of love – you can leverage my learnings and stay on a healthy, balanced path.

REAL love requires faith, trust and commitment to a greater cause – realizing that a world with unconditional love is possible – and it begins with you.

Self-Love, and finding one’s life partner, is worth the commitment and investment – dare I say as much, if not more, than our careers!

With all my heart, I believe finding REAL, Lasting Love is highly possible for you. Here’s why.

We are at interesting crossroads, where technology and ‘fast-food dating’ is rising, emotional intelligence is poo-pooed upon, being independent and self-reliant is overly valued, gender roles in relationships are becoming even more blurred, and work demands are getting even tougher (which directly impact a woman’s masculine/feminine balance). We’re seeing a rise in narcissism and emotional unavailability (sounds familiar?).

And yet, at the same time, I believe that you are poised to leap to a whole new level of fulfillment in your love life:

  • You, as a woman, were born with the biological intelligence of relationship building. Feminine essence is about relationship, while masculine essence is about consciousness. We now need to integrate both
  • The odds are working for you. With 50% of adults being single and actively looking, there is a high probability of meeting your partner, if you approach it in a smart way
  • Interestingly, because of technology, you have even greater access to extraordinary men – an opportunity which didn’t even exist 20 years ago!
  • Dating, relationship and communication skills, which aren’t being taught in schools, is where you can gain advantage in every part of your life. Once you master it, you can date in a healthy way, and create the relationship of your dreams
  • Law of attraction DOES work – and since the world is your mirror, the moment you align with your joyful, loving self, you immediately begin to attract a partnership that’s healthy and right for you

All you need is to clear your inner blocks, align with your loving self – and learn the right SKILLS to date and attract your dream relationship.

Having a personal mentor to help you navigate your love life is one of the greatest forms of self-love. You remain strong, pumped-up and focused on the greatest prize – to realize your potential as a woman, and experience unparalleled fulfillment and satisfaction in your intimate relationships.

With my help, you’ll bust through all your limiting belief systems and begin attracting healthy love in months...not YEARS

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! How to know if you’re READY to open your heart, and attract the life partnership you deserve.

If you’re like many of my clients, you may be feeling…

– ‘Beat’, worn out by the game of love, and always being the giver in relationships

– Anxious and frustrated about not knowing if you will EVER meet ‘the one’ – and if you will be able to find him in time to start a family

– Tired of your self-doubt and low self-esteem, and disappointed with yourlack-lusterdating life

– Confused about why you’re still single, even after doing all the ‘inner work’; and sick of relying on luck and traditional dating advice

– Stuck in a rut and uninspired, wondering why you keep attracting painful relationship patterns or emotionally unavailable men

– Lonely, as most of your friends are married or in serious relationships

Whether you are just out of a relationship, or have been in a dating rut for a while, my system will show you the way, so you get started on the right track – and you don’t waste time attracting wrong men.


Finding love doesn’t have to be so hard. That’s what coaching is going to show you.


You can have everything you desire – a happy mindset, joyful relationships, a dating life that feels fulfilling, and meeting extraordinary men with whom you connect with on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level.

We’re going to do it together.


I know that it’s a jungle out there, and just because there are so many ‘fish in the sea’, it doesn’t mean that meeting Mr. Right is getting any easier.

After spending years and years of dating, you may be wary, exhausted, and afraid of getting your heart broken again.

With my help (as your expert guide with a proven track record), you’ll regain your confidence, and bust through the traditional painful dating patterns and limiting beliefs – and align with meeting quality men within months – not YEARS. My approach is profound, holistic and practical at the same time.


Starting from






Every blade of grass has an angel that bends over it and whispers, “Grow, grow.” ~ The Talmud

Imagine having your very own angel and on-call mentor, who is as dedicated and invested in your success – as you are!

When you hire me as your coach, you’re working with someone who has been there, who knows how lonely and frustrating dating can be. You don’t have to rely on your friends, family and dating advice columns, which don’t take into account your unique struggles – and make you fit into a mold of the ‘perfect woman’ – which no one is!

No more family members telling you that you’re being ‘too picky’, or going on underwhelming set-ups by friends. Being single can sometimes feel disempowering and humiliating – but you can shift that mindset with the right support.

I make sure that you are not wasting your time, and I believe in your full potential as an individual, and as a professional woman who wants to be successful in every part of your life. I see aspects of your uniqueness and special gifts which almost no one else can.

Count on me to be intimately involved, as much as you would like – from helping you through your mental obstacles and fears, what to tell parents and friends, to helping you create your online profile and answering your questions in between dates!


Whatever you put your attention on, grows. I partner with you to focus on the most important part of your life, your dating and love life — in a holistic, profoundly compassionate and grounding way.

Here’s an interesting insight – when you’re busy with work and are overanalyzing your love life, your body goes into stress mode. You can’t be in your feminine, because you’re paralyzed by indecision and confusion. You become masculine and controlling – or you simply withdraw and become avoidant. Sound familiar?

When you’re working with me, you can just let go and surrender. You can stop all the compulsive analysis about what you’re doing wrong, and finally get good sleep at night. All you need to do is follow my expert guidance, and focus on being happy and yourself – which will reconnect you with your pleasure-filled, feminine side. You will begin to feel magnetic – and your dating experiences will show it.

Several of my clients got off their anxiety medications shortly after beginning to work with me!


“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Let’s face it – the one thing they don’t teach us in school are social skills – how to date, and attract and be in loving relationships. Through this program, you will acquire the right skills in a short amount of time to excel in dating in a healthy, joyful way.

Strategy is fine for the short term; however, given life’s curve balls, what really makes a difference is having highly valuable social skills, which can be leveraged over a lifetime.

As a bonus, I generously share from my ever-expanding knowledge base. I’ve invested almost all of my own savings in different love programs to learn skills in effective communications, dating, relationship, sexuality, intimacy, healing, love psychology, and so much more. I want you to be a Rockstar in your relationships!


“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body. ” – Dr Bruce H. Lipton 

It’s simple. When you love yourself completely, believe in your self-worth, and have TOTAL CONFIDENCE, then there is no doubt that you WILL attract your life partner.

By working with me, you will begin to fall in love with yourself, as you gently release your inner barriers to attracting and receiving healthy love. You will create a healthy spiritual, emotional, mental and physical foundation that will benefit every part of your life, and last you a lifetime.

By upgrading your mindset and changing your outlook, you will create new love possibilities that didn’t even exist before.


I won’t allow you to let yourself down. Given how challenging dating is, I know how easy it is to give up on your dream – and watch the years slip by without even realizing it.

By having an accountability partner and expert guide, you will make progress in your love life – it’s as certain as gravity. I haven’t met a single person who hasn’t.

Moreover, I will make sure you’re getting exactly the support you need, in that moment. Life can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing – and having a partner there in the trenches with you, shining light 10 feet ahead, as you continue plowing through… and ultimately reach your destination – with a smile – is priceless!


  • Smart, professional women who fantasize about having it all – family, love and career

  • Women who are ready for MORE FULFILLMENT in their relationships – and want to build a healthy foundation for attracting an extraordinary life partnership

  • Women who are committed to taking action and doing the work so they can set themselves up for long-term success


  • You are too busy with work, and love is not your #1 priority

  • You are fine with settling for Mr. Good Enough

  • You find it too painful to focus on your love life and understanding past patterns

If you’re ready to start attracting Extraordinary Love, then I invite you to join…



1:1 Coaching Program with Sarika Jain


Specifically designed for Smart, Successful Women who are looking to attract their soul-level partnership.

Here are the outcomes you’ll celebrate after 6 Months…

  • You are dating and loving with unshakable confidence, and you are magnetic to healthy, loving relationships… and ‘The One’!

  • You’re clear on what you want and deserve in a relationship and BELIEVE on every level you are worthy of Extraordinary Love

  • You have a strong inner foundation from which to cultivate the loving partnership and family of your dreams

  • You fall in love with yourself and you’re free of all those pesky thoughts of self-doubt and judgment

  • You feel an irresistible sense of happiness and excitement about what life has in store for you – an ex may even want to get back with you!

  • You learn to take charge of your emotions, communicate compassionately and are able to develop a vulnerable, intimate relationship with ‘the One’ that keeps him wanting more!

  • You feel beautiful, feminine and inspiring, inside & out


Here’s how we’ll take you from stuck in your dating life to feeling amazed and relieved – and confident about finding love.


I have a signature system, but your program is personalized to fit your needs. When we first begin working together, I’ll have you complete a questionnaire to set our priorities and outline a plan of action for the next 6 months.


Clear Your Inner Blocks

What we resist, persists. Learn what you needed to from your past, so that you can finally have peace of mind, and a sense of inner freedom. “The truth will set you free.”

  • Discover your key relationship patterns and root causes through a comprehensive Relationship Pattern Assessment. Identify emotional, energetic, spiritual or mental blocks
  • Release any stuck patterns due to your Family Blueprint, resulting from your Mother Wound or Father Wound – which lead to unconscious attraction of the wrong type of men (hint – this is why we’re secretly turned on by ‘bad boys’ or emotionally unavailable men)
  • Release your childhood baggage, and limiting beliefs such as “I’m not enough” or “I’m not worth of love”
  • Gain peace of mind & clear your relationship history with a 4-Step ‘Close Your Ex-Files’  Clear any remaining energetic or psychic ties so you can make space for a healthy relationship
  • Take charge of your mind, and learn techniques to make your self-doubt and judgment disappear

Step-by-step dating plan

You’re ready for the ride of your life! You’ll learn how to get the love that you want – without struggle and heartache. Stop wasting time with the wrong men, and learn core dating skills that no one teaches!

  • Learn the ‘4 Keys to Healthy Dating, and how to date in a feminine, authentic and confident way. Learn how to say no to the wrong men, without creating residual negative energy
  • Create a personalized dating strategy to maximize your experience and ensure that you are getting a return on your time and energy
  • A deep understanding of your own psychology – and men’s psychology
  • How to dress to impress
  • Leverage Feng Shui principles to invite love into your life – emotionally, spiritually, mentally and energetically
  • Tips and techniques to magnetize men towards you, in person or online

Drool-worthy Online Profile + Proven Dating Process

  • Create a dazzling dating profile that truly represents who you are – and that engages the right kind of men
  • Communicate with men online in a feminine way that catches their attention and let’s them pursue you
  • Learn a step-by-step process for creating chemistry with the right men online, and filtering out guys who aren’t serious

Embrace Your ‘Wow Factor’

Discover how to truly to love being you. Bring back your mojo and passion for your own life. Align your lifestyle to the vision, partnership and loving relationships you desire.

  • Discover your unique purpose and gifts – and what makes you truly special
  • Inspire yourself and others, by creating an energetically- and emotionally-uplifting lifestyle through the Align Your Life to Extraordinary Love Blueprint
  • Learn practical techniques on how to practice Self Love, Self Compassion and Self Approval
  • Learn practices to connect with your wise, sexy, feminine side to gain access to your intuition. Reignite and restore your sexual energy and vitality. Become confident, magnetic and glowing

Communication skills

  • How to express your feelings and needs compassionately – that will keep a man hooked and wanting more
  • How to communicate effectively, to lead to more connection and sizzle – in person, e-mail, over the phone and text
  • How to make requests from others

Relationship skills

Falling in love happens when you trust, have faith, and self-love… and you can let go and be vulnerable. Having the right skills becomes critical to dating, and keeping, the man of your dreams, by developing more intimacy, passion and desire.

  • How to set healthy boundaries and release codependency patterns
  • How to deal with energy vampires and negative relationship patterns with colleagues, family, etc.
  • Get in touch with your shadow masculine and feminine sides, and learn how to balance them
  • Know the top 5 sabotaging thoughts/patterns that ruin relationships, and what you can do to stop them
  • How to become a partner and lover whom your man will respect and adore
  • Sure-shot techniques to get a guy to commit to you, long-term
  • How to talk about marriage, family and your vision for your lif


  • Leverage relationship skills that will make you self-confident and magnetic, wherever you go
  • Let go of fears that keep you from putting yourself out there and dating
  • Make the most important decision of your life – whom to continue dating and commit to, for life-long partnership


  • Determine the right partnership for you, and what values and qualities are important
  • Be confident in your strengths and weaknesses in romance and intimacy

Emotional relief

  • How to deal with painful emotions, trauma, grief or stress
  • How to transform difficult emotions into positive ones, and deal with emotional roller coasters involving anxiety, fear and loneliness

Balance and Inner Harmony

  • How to balance the heart and mind, and incorporating your own wisdom and intuition, into your life and relationships
  • How to understand and manage your expectations
  • How to deal with your limiting belief systems and critical/judgmental side
  • Date in a way that leads to an everlasting relationship, setting the foundation for the rest of your life!
  • Open your heart to love through heart-opening yoga, mindfulness, prayer and meditation exercises
  • Deeper understanding of energy psychology – how to heal your different chakras, so you can manifest what you desire, more easily

Sarika has inspired me to explore and try ways of being and learning and living that I never would have even considered before and because of that, I have found so much peace and joy!

When I think of Sarika, my first thought is someone that has the courage to explore the deepest realms of herself, even if there is darkness. Sarika has this beautiful faith in the light that is within her and within everyone.   Sarika has inspired me to explore and try ways of being and learning and living that I never would have even considered before and because of that, I have found so much peace and joy.   Sarika is a very patient, compassionate, and inquisitive listener.  By creating and holding this kind of space as a coach and mentor, she is also able to deeply process the information that is being shared and provide suggestions and ideas that are co-created by you and her.  This process of co-creation makes you feel like an empowered individual, truly active in your transformation.  Sarika is also very real.  She speaks from her own experiences of self-healing and self-love, which she has been able to cultivate through her hard work and faith.  Finally, Sarika is smart and funny! So when  you’re interacting with her, there is a lightness there that helps you to remember that everything really will be ok.   Sarika is truly in this because it brings her so much joy to help you find your light.  This authenticity alone elevates Sarika’s gift of mentorship and coaching to a whole new level.

Bela Shah

Dalia Lama Fellow

Her talent for coaching and teaching the healing power of love has inspired me.

Sarika has a peaceful power and a unique ability to listen, encourage and empower that I haven’t come across frequently in this lifetime. Her talent for coaching and teaching the healing power of love has inspired me and my relationships to be more authentic, honest, kind and loving.

Anne Koller

Founder, Tapin



  • One private 90-minute coaching intensive + Intuitive Reading to jumpstart you on the road to love
  • 2-4 60-minute one on one coaching sessions per month
  • Meditations, action sheets and additional trainings to take away the overwhelm and give you clear step-by-steps
  • Unrestricted email access to me for ongoing support—questions, challenges, online profile review, etc.
  • Regular access to me through private journaling and exercises
  • Behind-the-scenes access to how I navigated the path to marriage, continue to clear my inner blocks, and how we are deepening our commitment and intimacy with each other

Plus, You’ll Get Access to These Exclusive Bonuses:


Attract Love Now! 5 Essential Steps to Finding ‘The One’ course (valued $997)


1. Be a Love Magnet… and Discover Your Loving Self: Become deeply connected with yourself, and learn the art of loving yourself and others in an authentic way. Begin to learn how to receive and give healthy love

2. Heal Your Heart & Close Your Ex Files: Discover and clear your inner blocks and belief systems, and heal sabotage patterns that are rooted in your childhood, that hurt your relationships. Take steps in closing your Ex Files for good.


3. Discover Your Wow FactorReconnect with your femininity and inner wisdom. Discover what makes you unique and juicy. Create a lifestyle that’s attractive, passionate and joyful – and turns you on


4. Make Room for LoveDevelop beautiful relationship habits and rituals. Learn feng shui principles on how to create space for loving relationships in your life, and learn key relationship and communication skills to create deeper connection and understanding.


5. Date & Love with Confidence: Create a happy and healthy dating/relationship mindset, and take actions to bring love into your life. Learn skills to date effectively, online and offline, and build a strong foundation for your relationship. Create a rockstar dating profile, and master the dating process!


Starting from




1. “Am I ready for this? What if I am too broken or ‘cursed’ & wonder if I really deserve True Love– will this work for me?”

Your desire and commitment to healing & making space for healthy love are all you need to be ready.

In the years of experience, I have learned that love desperately WANTS to enter our lives, and the only thing that’s preventing it is US. Our mind and belief systems are strong, and have been created through years of programming – through our culture, society, family & schooling systems.

Through the power of understanding your psychology, wisdom and healing techniques, you WILL come out of this program happier, and stronger.

I’ve also created a community of like-minded people, who will support you in making happier, healthier choices in your life – you will not go through this alone.

2. “What if I’m not over my ex, and he may be the one for me?”

This program is meant for all women who want to reconcile with their past, and allow for true love in their lives.

If your ex is meant to be with you, he will become attracted to the new you. You will also learn how to energetically transmute the painful actions from the past, and practice positive, healthy relationship skills.

3. “What if I’m too busy?”

This program is designed for women who prioritize their happiness and are commited to aligning with their most loving selves.

Also, the most important thing to remember is that the program is designed to SAVE YOU TIME from dating in the wrong, painful way – and also, from SAVE YOU PAIN from choosing a partner who’s not your true soulmate.

A few women have even found ‘The One’ within the first few weeks of us working together – this is the power of intention!

Finally, given that this is a holistic approach, you will see benefits in all areas of your life – your relationships with your loved ones and colleagues, leadership skills, and aligning with your life purpose.


4. “Why can’t I just work with a therapist?”

There is nothing wrong with therapy! In fact, many of my clients also work with a therapist. Your blocks may be deeper than what a therapist may uncover; and most therapists don’t understand what a soul-level relationship looks and feels like. We focus on the most important part of your life, your love life and relationships — in a holistic, systematic and profoundly compassionate way.

Moreover, relationship skills are not innate, nor are they taught in our systems. No wonder most people struggle in love and at work!! I teach you how to combine intuition, courage and compassion to relate in a whole new way. Your relationships will be filled with trust, meaning, connection and pleasure. You also learn how to face and resolve conflict, in a soulful way.

My background as an MBA from Wharton and business strategist, combined with studies in relationship skills, advanced therapy/healing techniques with Harvard-trained psychologist Andy Hahn, shadow work, yoga, meditation and energy healing help me combine the most cutting-edge tools available to serve you in reaching your goals quickly and effectively.

5. “I already have a meditation or personal practice. Will this interfere?”

This program is designed to complement, and enhance, your personal practices. You can continue with your own beliefs; or develop a whole new set of practices. I share principles taught in ancient wisdom and various energetic and spiritual practices around love, healing and manifestation – but these are universal in nature. They support in awakening your inherently feminine, wise, loving nature, and learn the skills for creating harmony in your relationships.

6. “Why are you offering this service?”

This work in love & relationships is sacred to me. I believe we’re all meant to find our ‘soul-level’ partnership. My coaching philosophy is – you are already perfect. You don’t need to be fixed and have everything you need to be in a healthy, loving relationship.

My mission is is for you to reach your full loving potential and fulfilment in every part of your life.

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Peace of Mind Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll LOVE the value of this program, I’m giving you a no-risk opportunity to try out coaching for 30 days. If either of us doesn’t feel that this resonates, then I am happy to refund the remaining amount to you.