I have been silent for a few weeks because I have some exciting news… I am going through a rebranding! And you are getting the front-row seat of this transformation 🙂
So, drumrolls please…
I am now going to known as Sarika Aunty (have you seen Sima Aunty in Indian Matchmaking? I know I’m nothing like her, but she’s quite the inspiration).
My goal is to support you in finding your mate, getting married, and STAYING married if you are in a loving relationship already. And creating a relationship that rocks both of your worlds because it’s so juicy and intimate!
With that in mind, I have a little gift for you, see below.
If you’re like 99% of women, you no doubt are facing confusion, heartache or self-doubt when it comes to your love life.
If you’re confused as to why you always end up single as your dates disappear on you or just don’t call back…
Or you wonder why your man withdraws or shuts down, why he doesn’t help out…
Or you keep questioning if there is anything you’re doing wrong. If there’s something unlovable or unworthy about you…
…Then you’re in luck! My brand new (and FREE!) e-book,
Here is why…
Some of the most challenging, age-old questions about love arise from failed or struggling relationships.
Relationship issues can make you question yourself if you’re worthy or beautiful enough.
They can bring you down to your knees.
The good news is that a lot of relationship issues you’re facing today can be avoided or solved.
Yes, you can get (and keep!) a high-quality man who wants to be in a relationship with you.
In this book, you’ll learn that you deserve a fulfilling love life.
You deserve to be in a relationship in which you feel safe, loved & deeply supported.
Do you want to become the expert of your love life?
Then definitely download your get the book 5 Mistakes Women Make in Love today!
With love & light,
Sarika Aunty

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