Foundations for Lasting Love

Course for Couples

Create the Foundation for a Thriving, Joyful Partnership that Lasts for a Lifetime

Seminar Series + Weekend Intensive

October – December 2018

New York City

Space Limited – only 4 spots left.

Relationships are evolving… are you?

Creating a relationship in which love can not just survive, but THRIVE, that’s what creating extraordinary relationships is all about. 

A healthy partnership and marriage forms the key to our health, happiness and prosperity, and the garden from which to bring up our children in a healthy environment.

If you could wave a magic wand and manifest your ideal partnership and lifestyle, what would it look like? (It’s okay – just indulge in the possibilities even if they seem impossible!)

  • You wake up each morning next to someone who is happy and excited to be with you, feeling like they’ve won the lottery and they’re getting the ‘better part of the bargain’ (here’s the twist – you feel the same!)
  • You feel happy and fulfilled each day, with a career and partnership that’s passionate and purpose-filled, yet grounding 
  • You feel like you’re inspired and growing in every way together
  • You glow with immense self-confidence and magnetism, knowing that your personal life is successful and you can focus on being your best self, wherever you go
  • You have date nights and spontaneous trips with your ‘best buddy’, spend your time together relaxing, wining & dining, chatting, people-watching, connecting intimately, laughing and discovering new things
  • And… You are navigating life’s different twists and turns consciously with a supportive, responsible and like-minded partner






Yet many couples struggle with basic communication issues and agreement on core values, and experience conflict in the areas of finances, family, sex, children and career. The growing discord and lack of trust leads to estrangement and breakdown. Studies have shown that marital issues forms the #1 reason for stress and health issues in a person’s life, leading to low productivity at work and even depression.


In today’s times of diminishing connection and even more misunderstanding and despair amongst couples, creating a healthy foundation in one’s love life has become even more crucial.


Moreover, as cultural and gender norms are shifting and individuals are seeking both personal and professional growth, relationship needs are changing. Without a strong foundation, women often feel guilty, resentful and overwhelmed, while men struggle with feeling isolated, ashamed and burdened. Parenting brings on new levels of stress on the couple, reducing connection and romance. Both women and men are yearning for harmony and deeper understanding in their relationships – so that one can feel safe, cherished and loved by their partner

Looking at your relationship as a sacred container – one in which you can bring your most loving self, and support your partner in doing the same – is both an art and science. Modern, lasting relationships require an ecosystem view in which partners are collaborators and co-creators, supporting in creating a nourishing environment for the family, and willing to heal and release old wounds, while embracing heart opening and deeper intimacy.

Couples who are able to achieve this level of collaboration and harmony have extraordinary amounts of fun and are able to accomplish bigger and better things in their lives.

      “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

~ Rumi

How do we bring joy and understanding in the relationship early on – and create the conditions for lasting love?

Joy is something that is cultivated in a relationship through personal transformation, mindfulness, discovery, healing, communication skills, and true intimacy.

Today, we have access to life-changing relationship technologies in psychology, communications, neuroscience and spirituality. Leveraging these in a step-by-step way,  you can transform painful relationship dynamics and sabotage patterns that one unconsciously brings into the relationship, into the nectar of wisdom and compassion, creating harmony and deeper connection. 

Modern-day evolutionary relationships are about building a connection on every level – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

In this course, you will learn all the tools you need to experience improved communication, strengthen romantic connection, and build trust, respect, and intimacy with your partner.  


Learn powerful secrets to creating an ecstatic, intimate relationship that stands the test of time.

Introducing a step-by-step transformational program that will take you through the different pillars of relationship:


1. Healthy communication and conflict resolution skills

2. Alignment on values, vision and a healthy mental model around love

3. Emotional resilience and leadership

4. Creating chemistry and connection

5. Navigating uncertainty, conflict and life changes in a conscious way 







Foundations for Lasting Love is a fun, exclusive and transformational program created for new couples or couples looking to take their relationship to the next level.


Leveraging concepts and tools from mindfulness, relationship counseling, psychology, yoga, effective communications, shadow work, tantra and Zen Buddhism, couples will go through a journey of releasing old painful patterns and conditioning (many starting from childhood), upgrading their mindset around healthy relationship patterns and learning tools to experience breakthrough in various relationship situations.

We will follow a step-by-step program to lay the foundation of your house, so that as a couple you are navigating each stage of your relationship from a space of stability, balance and joy.

In the course, you will learn:

+ The 3 Stages of Relationship – and what it takes to reach the highest level of personal fulfillment in your relationship

+ Decoding your own Personality Profile to identify your unique desires and fears, and growth areas for you in your relationship

+  3 common mistakes every couple makes that leads to breakdown and divorce – and how to avoid them

+ The #1 secret to creating chemistry, trust and connectionit’s not what you think

+ How to consciously co-create ANYTHING you want in your relationship – whether it’s family, health, finances, children, entrepreneurship, travel, contribution to society 

+ Powerful tools for navigating and transforming conflict and uncertainty

+ Rituals and practices that will support your relationship’s growth, no matter what 

+ How to satisfy women and support men in feeling trusted, wanted and needed 

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” ~ Albert Einstein

This course is for you if:


  • You are entering into a new stage in your relationship, such as having children or getting married 
  • You want to turn a good relationship into a great relationship and avoid some of the frustrations you may have experienced in the past 
  • You want to navigate partnership, marriage, sex, finances, career and family in a conscious way

Through a fun, engaging, safe environment, you will learn to:

  • Create passion, attraction, and intimacy based on a solid foundation 
  • Resolve conflicts with compassion and ease
  • Discover a path to emotional healing and spiritual evolution through your relationship 
  • Experience a deep level of connection with your partner as you navigate topics of values, sex, money, career, family in an intentional way

“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Foundations for Lasting Love: Logistics & Registration



This is a transformational program led by Love & Relationship Coach, Sarika Jain, and her husband Krishan Patel. It is set over a two month period, ending with a weekend retreat, to give couples the time to learn experientially, create your foundation and grow with your partner.


It is an exclusive program limited to five couples, combining the benefits of personalized transformational coaching and learning in a group setting of like-minded peers.




1. Seminar series over 4 Thursdays, held in NYC, 7-9pm


– October 11th & 18th

– November 8th & 15th


(Note: if you cannot attend any of these live, then you can video conference in or will be provided an audio recording)



2. Weekend Intensive, in NYC, 10am – 6pm


– December 1st & 2nd 




– Group call with Krishan Patel for men, on the role of the Sacred Masculine in career and relationships

– Group call with Sarika Jain for women, on how to embrace the Divine Feminine in career and relationships 

– Recommended readings and resources


Investment: $2,997 per couple


Register today, as space is limited. Currently only 4 spots left.


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It is amazing to see the supportive loving relationship Sarika has fostered with her equally amazing husband – having that kind of inspiring example from someone as your coach/mentor is surely a divine gift.

In the time I have known Sarika, I have learned a lot of new perspectives that deeply impact how I see my own life and interact with the world around me. She always encourages those around her to live in the present moment, with less fear and more compassion for ourselves and others.  She has shown me the openness and compassionate power in expressing love for others.
Sarika has an amazing ability to listen and comfort those around her by sharing both her struggles and successes in a humble way.  I whole-heartedly recommend that people work with her.
That personal touch means she gives the love, care and open mind that I think everyone needs to pursue and reach their life and love goals. Her wisdom comes from continuous searching, self reflection and personal struggle.
It is amazing to see the supportive loving relationship she has fostered with her equally amazing husband Krishan–having that kind of inspiring example from someone as your coach/mentor is surely a divine gift.

Dr. Steven Chan

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Sy Sims School of Business

I started with severe self-doubt and anxiety over my relationship. I decided to first investigate if there was something I could do about it, by getting coached. We are now happily married and have a baby. Thank you, Sarika!

I met Sarika several years ago in her workshop. At the time, I was experiencing severe anxiety and self-doubt, even though I was an attractive woman and successful in my career. I was in a relationship that was crumbling, and I was scared and confused. Before ending it, I first wanted to find out if part of the reason was me, and whether there was something I could do about it. I had already gone to therapy, and was working with a spiritual teacher; but I knew there was something deeper that needed healing.

I decided to invest in coaching with Sarika. What can I say, except that those few few months, I experienced the truest and most meaningful metamorphosis I have in my life.  I learned how to love myself completely, even the ‘dark’ sides of me, and how to really cultivate a loving mindset for myself and others. I learned that I could love openly and freely, without getting hurt! And I also learned how loving myself, made me extremely magnetic to my man :)

Through our sessions, I had profound learnings by accessing parts of my subconscious I didn’t know about. I started to create healthy boundaries for myself. Moreover, I was able to rebuild my relationship with my parents, and navigate a difficult work situation using new communication skills. New and exciting career opportunities have shown up, synchronistically!

I am so delighted with my relationship right now!! My partner now looks at me with such deep love in his eyes. It’s quite beautiful! It makes me feel seen and cared for. With him I had the experience of feeling love like a palpable energy and it’s great. 

To call Sarika a relationship coach is a huge understatement – she’s a master healer and combines practical and spiritual wisdom in her coaching. She knows what it means to be a spiritual warrior in the real world. I’ve already recommended several of my girlfriends to her. I’m forever grateful to her!

Ellie G, NYC

VP at a leading financial services firm

Compassion, stillness, life experience, good listener, simplicity in style, bucket loads of love to give… Sarika provides a space for openness and exploration that is safe and deep.

Sarika has been a blessing on my life, welcoming me into a spiritual community in NYC and always offering warm support and wisdom. Compassion, stillness, life experience, good listener, simplicity in style, bucket loads of love to give… Sarika provides a space for openness and exploration that is safe and deep.

Robert Muhall

Founder, Meditation without Borders

I decided to try some of her suggestions that I learned in her workshop and just a few weeks later I met an amazing man! I decided to do private coaching with Sarika when we started seriously dating as I could see how I was potentially sabotaging the relationship. Working with Sarika has released my blocks and opened me to being in a fulfilling relationship with the man of my dreams.

I am excited to report that we are now happily married 🙂

Sunaina Chugani, NYC

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Baruch College (CUNY)

Her guidance and personalized advice helped me find the loving man of my dreams and the caring father to our little baby boy!

I met my (now) husband six years ago, before Sarika started her formal practice as a love coach. She guided me through my years of dating, through the ups and downs of relationships. Among the things I learnt from her coaching was that it is important to focus on loving me in order to find my true love, and to keep pursuing the things I love in order to keep the spark in me. Her guidance and personalized advice helped me find the loving man of my dreams and the caring father to our little baby boy. I’ve told all my single girlfriends about Sarika and that it’s never too late (or early) to seek her coaching. Sarika is a personal trainer for the heart and soul!
Monica G.

Ready to take your love life to the next level? Join Foundations for Lasting Love today, before registration closes.



Investment: $2,997 per couple (Introductory, limited time offer)


Currently only 4 spots left.


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About Sarika Jain and Krishan Patel

Sarika Jain is a leader in love strategy and transformational coaching. Sarika has dedicated her professional life to helping savvy and successful women and men heal their relationship with their inner selves and get on the path to finding love that lasts. Her unique approach encompasses everything from uncovering relationship patterns to practicing yoga, all with the goal of allowing people to live the lives they’ve dreamed about – the lives they deserve.

Sarika can reach professionals like no one else because she has been where they are.

Sarika‘s background includes training in energy healing, yoga, meditation, conscious communication, psycho-spiritual counselling and relationship coaching. She has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science & Engineering from University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from The Wharton School, and has worked at Bain & Co., Merrill Lynch and the World Bank.

Sarika lives with her husband, Krishan Patel, in New York City, and leads a playful, passionate life. For their honeymoon, they travelled to Bali for a month. They now have a one year old daughter, and are experiencing even more romance and joy – post-baby!

Krishan Patel, co-facilitator, is the founder of Karma Advisory, a business and technology services firm focused on values-based consulting.

An avid meditator and world traveler, he has been studying relationships, communication skills and Sacred Masculine principles, and how to bring these into family, parenting, partnership and career. He is focused on creating an intentional, loving life with his wife, Sarika, and their daughter. 

Krishan has a B.S. in Economics from University of Michigan.




Have questions before deciding to join the Re-Ignite! program or the VIP package? I’d love to connect with you to explore whether this is the right next step for you.