Get in the fast lane to manifesting your dream relationship with your perfect match.

Are you sick of going to weddings without your plus one, wondering which table you’ll be placed at? Or you’re tired of wasting your time on dates or relationships with men that don’t go anywhere, and almost want to throw in the towel on dating? Do you feel anxious and afraid that you’ll be alone in your bed for the rest of your life, and that your dreams of having a family one day won’t be fulfilled?

Maybe what you’ve been doing isn’t working anymore and it’s time to try something new.

What if I told you that despite all the rules and rumors you’ve ever heard about finding true love, there was actually a really simple, intuitive and magnetic way to attract (and keep) your soulmate?


Well, there is!


The holistic, Feminine Path is your most direct route to long-lasting love and romantic fulfillment. As a woman, you are blessed with the power of creation and can literally birth a new reality fueled by the subconscious power of your greatest dreams and desires.


It’s time to release the masculine way of finding love – setting goals or playing the ‘numbers game’ – and tune into your potent feminine gifts of intuition and magnetism.


As an ex-corporate Wall Street business strategist, I spent many years dating as a single woman in New York City, driven not only by my own desire to find the man of my dreams, but also with the constant pressure of my Indian family’s cultural need for me to settle down, get married and start a family! (If you resonate with this aspect, you’ll love my ‘South Asian Guide to Love & Dating’ e-book.) I became so proficient in dating that, as a side gig, I began coaching other women in love.


After a broken engagement that left me heart-broken and disillusioned with life, and a chance meeting with a Romanian Gypsy psychic, I realized that I needed spiritual healing. Apparently, due to my low self worth, self-defeating patterns and negative thinking, I was a magnet for heartbreak (who woulda thought?). It was time to let go of all the things I thought I knew about love, dating and relationships, and begin a powerful new inner journey of profound healing and transformation.


It was during this journey that I connected deeply to my feminine side, learning how to be courageous and vulnerable and to truly love myself. I began to release spiritual blocks, realized my sabotage patterns and learned what it took to create healthy, conscious relationships.  I was getting into alignment with my dream relationship! I began to live a life filled with passion and joy and began dating from a fresh, intuitive and playful place. Emotionally available men began knocking on my door and I would meet them everywhere – on dating apps, at events, through friends.

Of course, it was then that the cosmic forces aligned and my true soulmate showed up!


Every day, I feel so grateful that he chose to be my husband and the father to our incredible two daughters. My husband is the wind beneath my wings, is my best friend and greatest supporter, and tells me, “You are my queen”. He’s masculine, emotionally available, sexy and grounded, the kind of partner I’d always dreamed would be by my side.


At Sarika Jain Coaching, our goal is to teach you to tap into your innate power; to align to your most authentic, radiant, loving self. We will guide you in releasing your own self-defeating patterns and getting into alignment with your dream relationship. When you master this feminine path, true love will find you at the most unexpected of moments, filling your heart with more love than you ever knew possible.

When you approach dating from this place, you will naturally attract high quality, emotionally available men… even ‘the one’!

“What I appreciate about you is that you celebrate the sh*t out of me. Just three months into coaching, and I’m already bringing in so much abundance and love in every part of my life, including attracting new soulmate clients, adoration from my boss and colleagues, and more money! Even the men on the dating apps are of higher quality and are so respectful towards me. I am seriously savoring this journey to finding my soulmate and have no doubt he’s arriving. Thank you for being witness to my journey.” – Sara

“This realization was so powerful… I broke this cycle!!! Of being the savior/mother for unhealed men. I am choosing MYSELF – the Queen, the Love Goddess, the love magnet – over everything and everyone else. And I choose to honor my needs and desires and my inner Queen first and foremost. I am so grateful for you and our work Sarika.” – Bina

“Today, he told me that he loved me! I wasn’t even expecting it, and I said it back to him. He even asked if I’d like to meet his mom after just five months of dating… seriously? In my life, I never thought a guy would ever fall in love with me… I feel like I’ve broken that spell of unworthiness I’ve carried for a lifetime. I’m so friggin’ happy!” – Pooja

The ‘Attract Your Soulmate’ private coaching program is for you if you are focused and committed to calling in your soulmate and know that you deserve support in this important part of your life. You’re already successful in other areas of your life, and now you’re being called to get the specialized support you need to experience profound love, success and fulfillment in your romantic relationships.

Through this personalized program, you will step into your sexy, feminine, radiant self and become the go-to relationship expert in every part of your life!  This program is helpful if you are looking to truly take your love life to the next level. 

In this potent, personalized container of support, we’ll be your guide as you: 

  • Master the Art of Attraction and feminine power
  • Understand men’s psychology and how to make relationships last
  • Release your inner blocks and shift relationship patterns that have held you back from fully stepping into the spotlight in work, love and life
  • Build a spiritual, emotional, physical and mental foundation for the rest of your life – one that nourishes and sustains you no matter what
  • Learn the art of Self Love and identifying your core purpose
  • Cultivate a sense of magnetism that is irresistible to men
  • Date with wisdom, joy and unshakable confidence
  • Learn skills to communicate powerfully and compassionately – and build relationships that last
  • Identify your UNIQUE Sacred Self Code (This is major. YOU will activate your sacred blueprint and begin to synchronistically align with a life and partnership designed to make you happy, at a soul-level)


And so much more.

Through the coaching journey, you will begin to energetically align with your dream relationship and will find ease and joy in dating. You will learn the art of meeting and dating quality men while stepping into your feminine power and deeply connecting with your intuition. Through the power of Self Love and raising your consciousness around love, you become a magnet for healthy love, grace and abundance enter into your life. 

Say goodbye to being ghosted and wasting time on emotionally unavailable men. Instead, open your heart to your King, your perfect match, and other divine, healthy possibilities and relationships that want to flow to you.

If you’re ready to tap into your deepest desires, create your own vibrant, exciting, fulfilling life and attract your soulmate, then book a discovery session to find out how Sarika Jain Coaching can support you.

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I tried some of Sarika’s suggestions and just 2 weeks later I met an amazing man! I decided to pursue coaching to release my inner blocks and open myself to healthy love that was knocking at my door.


Sarika’s done so much work in what it means to be a woman in this world and how to create a nurturing, joyful relationship and knows how to mentor others to do the same.

I’m proud to say that we’re now happily married and have a baby thanks to Sarika ?

Sunaina Chugani, NYC

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Baruch College (CUNY)

After doing Sarika’s program, I met the man of my dreams and we got engaged in 2 months!

In this field, Sarika’s the best at what she does!

Ellie Shepley, NYC

CEO, Wellness Warriors

After getting out of a dead-end relationship with a man I thought was ‘the one’, I’m now happy to report that I’m with the man of my dreams… someone who’s actually my greatest teacher in love. I can’t even believe that men like this exist! I highly recommend working with Sarika because she deeply understands what modern women are looking for in life and love and how to create and manifest it. 

I met Sarika years ago and she came back into my life at just the right time. I was recovering from a breakup, and serendipitously we reconnected online. I didn’t know anything about coaching, but after our first call I made the commitment. 
Being coached by Sarika has been one of the best investments I have made in my life. I couldn’t imagine navigating my heartbreak and my new relationship without her. She taught me how to embrace my divine feminine power, which I would not have otherwise discovered on my own. While I have been a mindfulness practitioner for many years, she helped me integrate the parts of myself I had neglected to. She worked with me to make peace with my past so I could fully open heart to the new love in my life. 
I am now engaged to an amazing man with whom I connect with on every level, and we’re even talking about creating a magical life together! I feel incredibly grateful, cherished and happy.
Sarika truly wants what’s best for you and is unconditionally supportive of your unique journey. She is honest, real, and 110% committed to your spiritual growth and transformation.
I highly recommend working with Sarika because she deeply understands what modern women are looking for in life and love and how to create and manifest it. 
Mae Y., Baltimore

Health & Wellness Expert

Working with Sarika was profoundly transformative. After a 17 year relationship (and marriage), I was able to fall in love again! I’m now married to my amazing partner-in-crime, my best friend.

She got to the heart of the matter which for me was that I needed to Close my Ex Files.

Nikol Peterman

I met a man two months into working with Sarika, and fell deeply in love. Prior to working with her, I had not been able to manifest a real relationship for sixteen years prior to meeting this man.

It is hard to fully describe the gifts Sarika has shared with me. To me they are priceless gifts directly from God.

When I first contacted Sarika, I was at a point in my life where I knew something was just plain wrong with my energy. I was doing everything “right” in my life as far as work, life, etc., but my romantic relationships would not flourish no matter what. I also had financial hardships and other life areas seemed stagnant. I had tried almost everything on my own, but I realized that I needed help removing energetic blocks, specifically blocks in my heart.

Sarika guided me step by step to open my heart and work on healing. 

This healing process is opening up all destiny paths in my life. My gifts are getting stronger and doors are being opened in all areas of my life.  All areas of my life are becoming positive and I feel in control.  

I also met a man two months into working with Sarika, and fell deeply in love.  It is very helpful to have Sarika to help guide me through this relationship, as I have not been able to manifest a real relationship for sixteen years prior to meeting this man. 

Additionally, I am able to easily meditate and focus my energy on my desires for manifestation.

It is hard to fully describe the gifts Sarika has shared with me. To me they are priceless gifts directly from God. She is able to connect with my energy on a soul level—and even though I had fears about delving into the issues holding me back, Sarika confidently guided me and continues to guide me through the entire process.

I would recommend other women to embark on this path in working with Sarika if they feel like they have so much potential, dreams and vision for their lives but no matter what you try it’s like something keeps stopping you or standing in your way.

Sarika will help guide you out of this dark place and into the light to embark on manifesting into your true energetic self and manifesting your true Goddess nature, abound with infinite love, hope and possibilities.

Laura Anne, Los Angeles

Wellness specialist and certified nurse

For people seeking greater purpose in love and life, life and love coaches are amazing people. In school, I didn’t learn how to have healthy relationships with myself, with others. I didn’t see any healthy relationships around myself. Life and love coaches teach you precisely these skills.

Sarika taught me to really let go, to journey, to set positive affirmations, and to date healthier. The skills I’ve learned have created this beautiful foundation I can come back to every time I am stressed, crazed, or anxiety-provoked. They’ve helped me to better my relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

Other skills such as building emotional connection and resilience, developing self-acceptance, accepting my past/relationships with family, developing healthy communication skills and self-awareness, examining my fears and sabotage patterns, creating self-love and self-care, cultivating compassion, determining my values, and balancing the masculine-feminine energies assisted me in living and discovering who I am.

Ultimately, these foundational skills enabled me to achieve my career, passions, and my beautiful boyfriend.

I recently started working at an amazing firm that encourages work-life balance, mentorship, and growth. The firm emphasizes its associates’ health- fitness and meditation.

Not only is my boyfriend kind, loving, compassionate and truly a sacred masculine man, he pursues his dreams and encourages me to pursue mine.

Take that as a testament to investing in yourself. Maybe coaching isn’t for you, perhaps meditation is, and perhaps even yoga is. Maybe take a workshop on the divine masculine-feminine energies is. Choose any path that resonates with you and your journey.

Rachna K

Lawyer, NYC

When I finished one on one coaching program with Sarika, I felt light and radiant and built abundant self-love.

Her approaches help me detox my hidden baggage, nurture myself, balance my feminine and masculine energy. 

Hi, my name is Jin. I’d like to share with you how Sarika’s love coaching helped me generate abundant self-love and find love.

When I finished one on one coaching program with Sarika, I felt light and radiant and built abundant self-love. After getting back to dating, I noticed I was dating people who are more desirable and compatible in general than before. One month later I met a great guy, positive, caring, responsible and loving. It happens quickly and naturally without drama. It is so rare but real. I have been enjoying happiness in a healthy and loving relationship. Both of us feel we are becoming a better person after being together.

Before I met Sarika, I thought I have done almost everything I can to be active, social, forgiving and baggage free. But on the other hand, I felt stuck and don’t see where and how to make a breakthrough in my personal life. External help is needed, I was telling myself! Sarika’s workshop shed light and I decided to be completely open and let her help me see and feel things I haven’t done before. Her approaches help me detox my hidden baggage, nurture myself, balance my feminine and masculine energy. It is important that you are as devoted as she is in the process! If you want to have a breakthrough in your love life, give yourself and her a chance!

Jin H., NYC

Senior Manager at Fortune 100 company, NYC

Her guidance and personalized advice helped me find the loving man of my dreams and the caring father to our little baby boy!

I met my (now) husband six years ago, when Sarika started her formal practice as a love coach. She guided me through my years of dating, through the ups and downs of relationships. Among the things I learnt from her coaching was that it is important to focus on loving me in order to find my true love, and to keep pursuing the things I love in order to keep the spark in me. Her guidance and personalized advice helped me find the loving man of my dreams and the caring father to our little baby boy! I’ve told all my single girlfriends about Sarika and that it’s never too late (or early) to seek her coaching! Sarika is a personal trainer for the heart and soul!
Monica G.

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About Sarika


Sarika Jain is a leading South Asian Love, Relationship & Dating Coach.  Her unique approach encompasses everything from uncovering relationship patterns and closing one’s ‘Ex Files’ to practicing self-love and mindfulness in relationships, all with the goal of inspiring women to live the lives they’ve dreamed about – experiencing profound love, success and fulfillment.


Sarika’s background includes working in the corporate world and on Wall Street for over fifteen years before deciding to pursue her dream full time of creating a movement around healthy love and empowerment for women over ten years ago. 

She is a student of energy healing, yoga, Nonviolent Communication, psychology, feminine leadership and relationships and has studied Life Centered Therapy with licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Andy Hahn. She’s been called a “Relationship Sorceress” by her clients.

Sarika has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science & Engineering from University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from The Wharton School, and has worked at Bain & Co., Merrill Lynch and the World Bank.

Sarika lives with her husband, Krishan, and two daughters in New Jersey,  and leads a playful, passionate life. 

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