Let’s turn your breakup into a breakthrough, releasing old patterns and getting on the highway to healthy, lasting love.

If you’ve recently come out of a relationship (especially one that you didn’t want to end), chances are you’re feeling hurt, sad, betrayed, unloved and wondering if you’re ever going to meet ‘the one’ or get back with your ex. I get it. And I’m so sorry that you’ve had to go through this pain.


I know exactly how you feel, having been completely blindsided by a relationship ending just a month after a romantic proposal! But, after much deep, inner healing work and commitment to my happiness, I rebuilt my relationship with myself and made my well-being my priority. I reflected on my own relationship patterns and began to connect with my wise, feminine, loving side.  

My true soulmate appeared just a few months later and we’re now happily married with two gorgeous daughters.


Not every woman is ready to date straight away.

In fact, it’s important to rebuild a healthy relationship with yourself first, heal from your loss and regain your sparkle for life. This is a sacred and important time in your life when you get to focus entirely on you. From restoring your sense of balance and inner peace, to gaining clarity on your true values and desires, you regain your strength to face what life has in store. This is a potent time for releasing your spiritual blocks and self-defeating patterns and stepping into your feminine powers of intuition, unconditional love and magnetism. You can navigate your loss or breakup from a place of wisdom and mindfulness.

Once you’re ready to date again (or get back with your ex), you’ll know – you’ll feel that tingle of desire and excitement…

In my experience, women get so frustrated with their love life (or lack of!) that they often want to throw in the towel and give up.

They spend a lot of time in their heads analyzing everything that went wrong and believing that it must be their fault, or that something must be wrong with them. This negative, analytical energy means women often approach dating looking for flaws and expecting to be dumped or mistreated yet again.

Or, they simply avoid dating completely, missing out on vital new experiences and opportunities to practice giving and receiving love.


Our role at Sarika Jain Coaching is to guide women in healing from loss, and moving back into relationship with self and others in a healthy, empowered way.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing women thriving in their lives, reconnecting with their sense of purpose and happiness just a few months after a devastating breakup. They begin to radiate with confidence and unconditional love.

Many of our clients go on to finding their perfect match and realizing they are completely worthy of these beautiful new experiences with emotionally available, high quality, masculine men.

“This realization was so powerful… I broke this cycle!!! Of being the savior/mother for unhealed men. I am choosing MYSELF – the Queen, the Love Goddess, the love magnet – over everything and everyone else. And I choose to honor my needs and desires and my inner Queen first and foremost. I am so grateful for you and our work at Sarika Jain Coaching.” – Beena

Always remember that the Universe is conspiring for your love life to work!


The key thing to understand is that we have to get out of our own way; to un-learn and re-learn how healthy love works.


If you want to win the respect of a great man, you must become a woman of value – a woman who respects and honors herself. A woman who is ‘turned on’ by her life, and strives to unconditionally love and accept herself.

Say this affirmation:


“I am committed to becoming my most confident and radiant self.”

“I am irresistible to high quality, emotionally available men.”

“I am worthy of a relationship that makes me feel safe, cherished, worthy and loved.”


I know that you’re here, beautiful soul, because you’re ready to build a solid relationship with yourself; to feel empowered in body, mind and soul, in tune with your sexuality and ready to radiate authenticity, kindness and love.


You’re already successful in other areas of your life, and now you’re being called to get the specialized support you need to experience profound love, success and fulfillment in your romantic relationships.


It’s time to heal your heart, release your baggage and begin living the delicious life you’ve dreamed of for years!


Discover if Sarika Jain Coaching is the perfect match for your love goals and energetic commitment.

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Working with Sarika was profoundly transformative. After a 17 year relationship (and marriage), I was able to fall in love again! I’m now married to my amazing partner-in-crime, my best friend.

She got to the heart of the matter which for me was that I needed to Close my Ex Files.

Nikol Peterman

After getting out of a dead-end relationship with a man I thought was ‘the one’, I’m now happy to report that I’m with the man of my dreams… someone who’s actually my greatest teacher in love. I can’t even believe that men like this exist! I highly recommend working with Sarika because she deeply understands what modern women are looking for in life and love and how to create and manifest it. 

I met Sarika years ago and she came back into my life at just the right time. I was recovering from a breakup, and serendipitously we reconnected online. I didn’t know anything about coaching, but after our first call I made the commitment.
Being coached by Sarika has been one of the best investments I have made in my life. I couldn’t imagine navigating my heartbreak and my new relationship without her. She taught me how to embrace my divine feminine power, which I would not have otherwise discovered on my own. While I have been a mindfulness practitioner for many years, she helped me integrate the parts of myself I had neglected to. She worked with me to make peace with my past so I could fully open heart to the new love in my life.
I am now engaged to an amazing man with whom I connect with on every level, and we’re creating a magical life together! I feel incredibly grateful, cherished and happy.
Sarika truly wants what’s best for you and is unconditionally supportive of your unique journey. She is honest, real, and 110% committed to your spiritual growth and transformation.
I highly recommend working with Sarika because she deeply understands what modern women are looking for in life and love and how to create and manifest it. 
Maya Y., Baltimore

Health & Wellness Expert

Through my coaching with Sarika, not only did I learn more about who I was, and how to navigate my own relationships with others but I learned the importance of foundation: self, family, friends, and community. I learned that to really thrive in your soulmate relationship, you also need to thrive in your relationship with yourself, your career and your community.”

For people seeking greater purpose in love and life, life and love coaches are amazing people. In school, I didn’t learn how to have healthy relationships with myself, with others. I didn’t see any healthy relationships around myself. Life and love coaches teach you precisely these skills.

Sarika taught me to really let go, to journey, to set positive affirmations, and to date healthier. The skills I’ve learned have created this beautiful foundation I can come back to every time I am stressed, crazed, or anxiety-provoked. They’ve helped me to better my relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

Other skills such as building emotional connection and resilience, developing self-acceptance, accepting my past/relationships with family, developing healthy communication skills and self-awareness, examining my fears and sabotage patterns, creating self-love and self-care, cultivating compassion, determining my values, and balancing the masculine-feminine energies assisted me in living and discovering who I am.

Ultimately, these foundational skills enabled me to achieve my career, passions, and attract my beautiful boyfriend.

Not only is my boyfriend kind, loving, compassionate and truly a sacred masculine man, he pursues his dreams and encourages me to pursue mine.

Through my coaching with Sarika, not only did I learn more about who I was, and how to navigate my own relationships with others but I learned the importance of foundation: family, friends, and community. I learned that to really thrive in your soulmate relationship, you also need to thrive in your relationship with yourself, your career and your community. 

Rachna K

Lawyer, NYC

About Sarika

Sarika Jain is a leading Love, Relationship & Dating Coach.  Her unique approach encompasses everything from uncovering relationship patterns and closing one’s ‘Ex Files’ to practicing self-love and mindfulness in relationships, all with the goal of inspiring women to live the lives they’ve dreamed about – experiencing profound love, success and fulfillment.

Sarika’s background includes working in the corporate world and on Wall Street for over fifteen years before deciding to pursue her dream full time of creating a movement around healthy love and empowerment for women over ten years ago. 

She is a student of energy healing, yoga, Nonviolent Communication, psychology, feminine leadership and relationships and has studied Life Centered Therapy with licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Andy Hahn. She’s been called a “Relationship Sorceress” by her clients.

Sarika has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science & Engineering from University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from The Wharton School, and has worked at Bain & Co., Merrill Lynch and the World Bank.

Sarika lives with her husband, Krishan, and two daughters in New Jersey,  and leads a playful, passionate life. 

Don’t waste another minute! Your love life deserves your immediate attention.

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