1:1 Coaching with Sarika


Dear friend,

Do you find yourself wondering “If I’m so smart, sexy and successful, why am I still single?” or “Is finding a partner even worth it?”

Are you frustrated and confused about what you’re doing wrong in your relationships?

Are you tired of putting yourself ‘out there’ on the dating scene, even though it’s terrifying and uncomfortable?

Or maybe you are ‘taking a break’, because you are still heartbroken from a past relationship…

Logically, you know you have every reason to be happy and fulfilled, even without a romantic relationship. Only we can make ourselves happy, right?

And yet, there’s deep anxiety inside of you, which is hard to describe.

Even your other relationships seem to be a struggle – with your family, friends or at work. You feel slightly disconnected from others, and even from yourself. You seem to be turning people off from you. You’re even wondering which relationships around you are toxic or healthy!

You know that your soul won’t rest, until you get to experience being a fully-expressed woman – as a partner, colleague, mother, daughter, friend.

You’ve taken the right steps all your life – getting yourself educated, reading self-help books, doing yoga… you have done everything to be a ‘whole’ and loving person! You were always the one trying to ‘fix’ your relationships, make them work, and give from your heart openly and generously.

You have even invested in intensive ‘inner work’ with a therapist and other guides and mentors.

And yet, right now, you’re somehow ‘stuck’ in fully experiencing the possibilities of loving relationships. You’re the one always getting hurt, just by being you.

You’re starting to give up hope about what life has to truly offer you.

You’re at your wit’s end.

I was in your shoes, just a few years ago. I was engaged to someone, and he broke up with me. I went into a deep spiral of devastation and confusion. 

A voice emerged from my heart, that said “I need spiritual healing”. I realized that I wasn’t feeling whole, or complete. I wanted answers to why I kept attracting heartbreak, over and over. The very next day, I met a healer who changed my life – and began to follow a more holistic path to love.

I healed my heart and mind, underwent personal transformation…

I managed to attract true love in every aspect of my life.

I met my now-husband, just a few months after my break up!

My coaching programs are meant for women just like you – looking to fully live, and express, true love.

Overview of 1:1 Coaching Program

“Attract Love Now!” is the only personalized holistic coaching program for smart, successful women who desire to excel in their relationships. The program is designed to help women to identify and break painful relationship patterns, create a healthy foundation for deeply connected and joyful relationships, and attract one’s life partner. 

The program uses advanced principles of insight, habits, healing, dating/relationship skills and motivation to make lasting change. 


The program is for you if:

  • You work hard in dating and relationships, and still experience painful patterns

  • You have done ‘all the inner work’, and still feel anxious and stuck

  • You feel ‘beat’ and worn out by the game of love

  • You are always the ‘fixer’ and giver in your relationships

  • You’re sick of wasting your precious time on wrong people, advice columns, books and programs – when you could be on the path to ‘finding the one’!

  • You have a deep desire to experience giving and and receiving unconditional love, and perhaps even get married and start a family


This program is not for you if:

  • You don’t want to be a better person – colleague, sister, daughter, mother or life partner

  • You are too busy with work, and love is not your #1 priority

  • You are fine with settling for Mr. Good Enough

  • You find it too painful to focus on your love life and understanding past patterns

  • You are not interested in holistic, transformative programs, and instead are looking for a ‘quick fix’

Why this program works:



Whatever you put your attention on, grows. I partner with you to focus on the most important part of your life, your relationships — in a holistic, profoundly compassionate and grounding way.

“One of my problems was that I was too busy in my career, and could almost push off the most painful (and unrewarding) aspect of my life – finding love. By the time I met Sarika, I had gone on over 60 first dates last year! I felt beaten by life. I knew I wanted to find my life partner, and as a precaution, I planned to freeze my eggs. I was starting to lose hope. Through this program, I’ve been able to learn how to love myself and others, in a way that I never knew how to! I have started becoming magnetic and authentic in my communication. Men are asking me out at coffee shops! 

Plus, the tools I have learned have already had a significant improvement in my relationship with my parents and difficult colleagues – which I never thought was possible. I am in such a happy place. I am now confident that I am on the right path to finding my partner – and I’ll be ready when he arrives!” Lauren B, San Francisco



“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  ~Albert Einstein

I help guide you to discovering your own unique sabotage patterns and belief systems from past and current relationships. You receive personalized guidance on to heal your heart and mind, and build a strong foundation for yourself and your loved ones. You learn how to love in a deep and connected way. You undergo a spiritual, physical, emotional and mental transformation – and create the conditions for true, lasting love.

” Sarika has the nose of a bloodhound for discovering where my blocks are. I mean it in the highest regard! Her intuition and healing abilities are unbelievable! I’ve learned more about myself in these two months of coaching, than years of therapy.” Lauren B, San Francisco

“The day I started my coaching with Sarika was the day when my man came back into my life… talk about synchronicity! Prior to coaching, I had gone on 86 first dates, and was deeply disturbed and devastated by my relationship patterns. I was at wit’s end, and needed spiritual healing. I was glad I started working with Sarika at the start of my relationship, so that I could learn how to be love in a healthy way, and face my blocks. I have now healed so many of my sabotage patterns, and I can say that I have never had such a deep, beautiful relationship with a man before. I’ve gotten so good at love, that even my boyfriend’s sister comes to me for advice!” Maya M., New York


Every blade of grass has an angel that bends over it and whispers, “Grow, grow” ~ The Talmud

Imagine having your very own angel and on-call mentor, who is as dedicated and invested in your success – as you are!

I make sure that you are not wasting your time, and I believe in your full potential.  I partner with you to create your plan, and help clear your emotional and mental obstacles so you can achieve the results you deserve. I provide individual guidance, and I never count the clock while I’m with you.

“I’m thankful that I’ve been pushed & found the courage to reconcile with my ex in the right way. It’s so great to finally have, not just closure, but also a better understanding of one of the most important relationships in my past. I’m so ready for whatever/whomever is coming now. I feel light. At ease. Plus, my pain in hip flexor [memories from my ex!!] hasn’t showed up today, which has been plaguing me for a year!. OMG. 🙂  Sarika, thank you so much for helping me do this. I heart you! I’m grateful for all of these experiences. It’s such a relief to know that I’m now ready to meet ‘the one’!” Farina S, Jakarta


“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Relationship skills are not innate, nor are they taught in our systems. No wonder most people struggle in love and at work!! I teach you how to combine intuition, courage and compassion to relate in a whole new way. Your relationships will be filled with trust, meaning, connection and pleasure. You also learn how to face and resolve conflict, in a soulful way.

Moreover – you will learn the skills to love, date and also help others in their relationship issues.

“I am used to being the ‘giver’ and fixer in my relationships. It was normal for me to ‘take charge’ when my ex was not doing his fair share. Recently, I had the experience with a male colleague in which I got angry and took charge, as I would have done in the past. But then I used my new skills to create a trusting, empathy-based approach to resolving the conflict – and now we’re great friends! I now know how to create trust in my relationships with men… and am excited to share this with my future husband. What a relief!” Nikol P, NYC

Sarika’s coaching was immensely valuable in all stages of the dating process, from developing a positive mindset, to being a sexy, fun date. Her approach was helpful in keeping me out of bad dating habits, and learn how to date effectively online. Having been through the ups and downs herself of the entire spectrum of the dating process, she provides an invaluable perspective. This, coupled with her empathy and strong communication skills, make her a fantastic coach. I would recommend her skills for anyone who is seriously looking for the right one! I am now married with an amazing man (and now have a baby!) and couldn’t be happier with my life. Thank you for helping make my dreams come true, Sarika!” Smita J, NYC



“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ~ Jim Rohn

I make sure you are getting nurturing advice from the right books, people and resources. All of my clients are trained to support each other through deep listening and compassionate, wisdom-filled guidance.

“I have stopped going to my friends for advice. They all give me ego-based advice that barely helps their own relationships. The support I get from Sarika and the other women in this program is life-changing, profound, and deeply aligned with my truth!”  Maya M, NYC


How it works:


coach women 1:1, once a week or twice a month, for an hour. Each session has key breakthroughs, learning new skills and homework. 


I use a highly committed and deeply connected approach, and my clients achieve breakthroughs through spiritual/energy exercises, journaling, life experiments, on-the-spot counseling and book recommendations. I also share and teach relationship classes designed for my clients. 

You will never feel alone!


You will be guided through a comprehensive 5 step journey, customized to your needs:

  1. Discover Your Loving Self: Become deeply connected with your emotions and personal truth, and learn the art of loving yourself and others in an authentic way.

  2. Heal Your Heart & Close Your Ex Files: Discover and clear your inner blocks and belief systems, and heal sabotage patterns in your relationships

  3. Discover Your Wow Factor: Discover what makes you unique – and what your purpose is. Create a lifestyle that’s attractive, passionate and joyful – and turns you on

  4. Make room for love: Develop beautiful relationship habits and rituals. Create space for loving relationships in your life, and learn key relationship and communication skills to create deeper connection and understanding 

  5. Date & Love with Confidence: Create a happy and healthy dating/relationship mindset, and take actions to bring love into your life. Learn skills to date effectively, online and offline, and build a strong foundation for your relationship


I use cutting edge tools to break through relationship patterns and create new habits and skills in dating and love. 

I have gone through the whole self-love, healing and relationship journey, and have been trained extensively by various relationship and holistic coaches. I am a student of Harvard-trained psychologist, Dr. Andy Hahn, who has developed a comprehensive psycho-spiritual framework to heal blocks at their core. I am also trained in business strategy and management consulting, and use my business skills to help clients make breakthroughs in their relationships at work and home.

Guarantee: I wants all of my clients to be happy, and I strive to create a mutually joyful partnership. I offer a 30-day guarantee to my clients.



Overview of 1-1 Coaching Program

1. Discover Your Loving Self… & Become a Magnet for Love

  • Create a self-love routine that’s balanced, healthy

  • Learn to let go of self-critical & judging thoughts, and how to replace them

  • Surround yourself with activities, people and lifestyle choices that make you feel happy, nurtured and balanced

  • Become deeply connected with your emotions and personal truth

2: Shine Light on Blocks That May Be Holding You Back From Giving & Receiving Love

  • Discover and clear your inner blocks and belief systems, such as “I’m not worthy of love”

  • Observe and heal sabotage patterns in your relationships

3: Discover Your Wow Factor!

  • Discover what makes you unique – and what your purpose is.

  • You were born as a unique and beautiful individual! Allow yourself to shine in your talents and inner beauty. People are attracted to those who radiate with self-love and passion

  • Align with your vision, purpose, passion & inspiration. Live a life aligned with your values

  • Balance your masculine & feminine energies

4: Create the Conditions For Loving Relationships in Your Life

  • Develop beautiful relationship habits and rituals. Create space for loving relationships in your life – whether in your daily routine, or emotionally

  • Learn key relationship and communication skills to create deeper connection and understanding

Step 5: Love with Confidence

  • Create a happy and healthy dating/relationship mindset

  • Learn to date online/offline in a joyful and effective way. Create a dating profile that stands out – and learn how to authentically connect

  • Learn effective skills for attracting loving relationships into your life, synchronistically

  • Learn to build a foundation of trust, respect, consideration