Do you secretly dream about being in a meaningful, lasting, fulfilling relationship? One that feels easy and harmonious… and you are in a state of joie de vivre? You feel safe, vulnerable, and deeply connected… and are able to experience true intimacy.

But somehow… you find yourself in the same exhausting, painful relationship story.

Maybe you’re thinking… 

“If I’m so smart, amazing and successful, how come I’m still single?” 

“Why do men seem interested at first, then somehow lose interest?”

“I’ve gone on 50 first dates, and am sick of the dating game!”

If you relate with the above, and are feeling stuck, anxious or worn out…


Then you are ready to break through your old relationship patterns, and learn a new, holistic way of attracting joyful & deeply connected love into your life!


In this experiential, intimate and insight-filled webinar you will learn… 


  • 5 Practical Steps for Finding & Keeping ‘the One’

  • Your HIDDEN barriers in finding & cultivating true love

  • A Powerful Self Love tool for becoming magnetic to love

  • 3 Mistakes smart, successful women make that REPEL men & how to avoid them

  • A practical technique to restore your masculine & feminine balance

  • Feng Shui principles to invite love into your life

  • Secrets to to making the online dating process joyful, authentic and effective 

Bonus: Learn a simple trick to make your online profile stand out!


Discover how the universe is actually conspiring to bring you true love.

Join us in this one-time only event, and watch your love life be transformed before your very eyes! 

About Sarika Jain


Sarika Jain is a love and dating coach for smart, successful women and men.

After going through heartbreak and experiencing profound healing and unconditional love in the process, she met her own Soulmate – her now husband. She is now on a mission to inspire others to attract and create joyful, fulfilling relationships.