Take control of your love life. Stop the sabotage and begin taking steps in attracting & creating a healthy, lasting relationship with a man who’s devoted to you.  

In this simple yet powerful guide, you’ll discover:

+ Key Mistakes You’re Likely Making that Push Him Away, and How to Correct Them Immediately

+ The #1 Secret to Creating Chemistry and Connection with Men

+ 3 Magic Phrases that Will Blow His Mind and Keep Him Hooked to You

+ A Powerful Technique for Asking for What You Want and Need… Without Feeling Like You’re Nagging

+ Insight Into a Man’s Mind. What Makes You Irresistible to Him and Makes Him Want to Serve Your Relationship

Everything you’ve shared in the book is super powerful for my marriage and I feel like I’ve been able to grow and evolve over the last few weeks with your advice. It’s really useful for any woman. Plus I love the audio book, your voice is so soothing and relaxing!”

~ Smita K.

“Thank you for sharing 5 Mistakes. I am so much more understanding of men and so much more aware of myself around men. I really didn’t know how to be loving because my parents just stayed together to survive.  They didn’t show love and I thought that was normal. 5 Mistakes opened my eyes and heart. I feel vulnerable and feminine after this easy read. I cant wait to practice your teachings with my new man!” ~ Kathy M.

“I love that the book is concise and easy to read. It appealed to me as a woman who is currently dating a new man. It was helpful to brush up on these topics that one can so easily forget to put into practice! As I’m learning first-hand, self-love is the first step in avoiding these mistakes.”

~ Catalina M.

 “I must say this is a great book. It deals with a serious issue a lot of my friends complain about in their relationships with their partners/wives, even I’ve been in similar situations. I feel most women need to read this book, especially those in high positions at work.”

~ Nigel M.

About me

Hey friend,

I’m Sarika Jain, a Love & Relationship Advisor for smart, successful women.

For many years, I have helped women break through painful relationship patterns, heal their hearts and learn relationship skills to attract healthy, joyful, and loving relationships.

Yes, I did it for myself and for other women, and I believe you can learn a thing or two from this book that carries practical steps towards building a healthy and loving relationship with the right man.

Previously, I had created The Sacred Soulmate System: 5 Essential Steps to Finding ‘the One’, Happiness after Heartbreak and Foundations in Lasting Love: Course for New Couples among numerous other programs and products to serve both women and men.

Do you want to break the barriers to attracting the right man into your life for a long-lasting loving relationship? Or make your current relationship more meaningful and juicy?

Get the book, 5 Mistake Women Make in Love. You won’t regret it! See you on the other side 🙂

Don’t waste another minute! Your love life deserves your immediate attention.

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