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Sarika Jain is a Love and Relationship Coach for smart, successful women who have it all except a loving relationship with a life partner. Sarika uses a personalized and holistic approach to partner with women to break through painful relationship patterns; heal their hearts; learn relationship skills to attract healthy, joyful and loving relationships. She’s created Soulmate Through Synchronicity: 5 Essential Steps to Finding the One, Happiness after Heartbreak, and numerous other programs and products to serve women.

Are you ready to turn your dreams of finding your life partner into reality?

Sarika is like any other New York City woman — driven and accomplished. After years at Merrill Lynch and the World Bank, she received her MBA from University of Pennsylvania and joined Bain & Company, where she supported in transforming businesses. After 13 years in the corporate world and pursuing her side business of coaching women in dating and relationships, she began to focus full time on her life’s work and mission — transforming women through the art of love.

What types of men are you attracting? Are you attracting or repelling ‘the one’?

Take the Goddess Archetype Quiz and get a personalized Love Assessment on how to supercharge your love life.

How I can Support

1:1 Coaching

Private Coaching for smart, professional women ready to leap to the next level of fulfillment. Realize Your True Happiness Potential, Attract Your Life Partner.

Online Course

Sacred Soulmate System Online Course is specifically created for smart, successful women who desire to experience deep fulfillment in their love life and relationships – and find the soul-level partnership of their dreams!


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What Women Have to Say…

I started with severe self-doubt and anxiety over my relationship. Four months later… we are now talking about getting engaged! Thank you, Sarika!

Emily G, NYC

Just 2 months ago, I was heartbroken, and directionless. Now, I feel abundant, like there is already one million dollars in my bank! I feel so loved, and I can already envision my life partner entering my life 🙂

Fatima V., NYC

I am now married to my dream man, and now we even have a baby! All due to Sarika’s immense support as a coach!

Smita J, NYC

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